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CCH Tagetik & SAP integration

Drive even greater value from SAP

Combining SAP with CCH Tagetik gives the Office of Finance the flexibility and control they need to better manage their financial management systems and processes.

Say goodbye to the days of waiting on IT to deliver reports or respond to ad hoc requests. Welcome the new era of self-serve finance that puts financial management control and ownership back where it belongs: with finance. Combining CCH Tagetik with SAP, you can have it all: intuitive, fast, accurate and easy-to-use CPM with the power of SAP.

Tagetik & SAP integration
CPM Solution


Certified Powered by SAP HANA
Up to


Integration costs




Seamless user experience

Seamless user experience enabled by single sign on to the SAP portal

Expedite financial consolidation and reporting

Expedite financial consolidation and reporting processes with fast data loading

Real-time financial analytics

Real-time financial analytics with the combined power of SAP HANA and CPM

Get answers and insights faster

Get answers and insights faster with SAP Visual Intelligence and SAP HANA, complete ownership over analytic models that empower the Office of Finance

Reduce integration costs

Reduce integration costs by 30% with pre-built connectors

Eliminate errors, data cross-over and ETL risks

Eliminate errors, data cross-over and ETL risks with built-in business logic, security and control

CCH Tagetik unified corporate performance management software solution seamlessly integrates with SAP

SAP Connector

SAP Connector

The CCH Tagetik Connector for SAP automates processes for loading financial data in a simple finance-friendly way. Now, you can confidently pull relevant data from multiple SAP tables without needing to know anything about SAP objects, data structures or worrying about data overlap.



Combine the power of SAP HANA’s cutting edge analytics with CCH Tagetik’s CPM financial intelligence to get unparalleled speed, scalability and financial insights. Leveraging CCH Tagetik with SAP HANA makes it easy for finance to manage their own financial systems, without depending on IT.

SAP Portal

SAP Portal

With single sign-on and complete integration with SAP Portal, users can access SAP business information and content seamlessly and securely through CCH Tagetik. SAP Portal can be your primary access platform for CCH Tagetik in and SAP environment.

Extend the Value of SAP

Extend the Value of SAP

Combining CCH Tagetik with SAP simplifies data access and reduces cycle times using the latest in in-memory technology. By connecting directly to SAP’s FICO database, CCH Tagetik reduces TCO and empowers the Office-of-Finance to be independent from IT while fitting in the preferred IT environment.

SAP & CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

Dr. Oetker

Month-end closing process for all subsidiaries, Statutory Consolidation


Budgeting, Planning & Consolidation


Budgeting, Closing, Reporting, Consolidation, Cash Flow

Raiffeisen Bank

Consolidation of budget data, Budgeting & Planning

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NZZ Management

Budgeting, Planning, Reporting


Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Financial Consolidation, Statutory and Management reporting


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