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Corporate Performance Management built for the Office of Finance

Economic shifts or environmental disasters can change a business instantly, making maintenance of predictable & sustainable corporate performance and financial results key for CFOs.


CCH Tagetik unified corporate performance management solution helps you optimize the balance sheet, recalculate cash flow forecasts, analyze how business drivers impact P&L, and much more. Our CFO software modernizes financial management, simplifies regulatory reporting & orchestrates your CPM processes at a lower TCO.

CFO Benefits



Modernize legacy technologies and toolsets that don’t meet current business requirements and impede analysis

More informed decisions

Make more informed decisions with real-time data delivered in interactive dashboard and visualizations


Predict outcomes through scenario playing, what-if analysis and predictive models that link directly to plans and budgets


Streamline performance management, financial governance, disclosure and regulatory reporting

Simplify financial management

Simplify financial management by standardizing on a single CPM solution, rather than using separate products for process


Accelerate cycle times with comprehensive workflow and packaged financial intelligence

With CCH Tagetik, CFOs gain a unified approach to Corporate Performance Management

World class finance

Using multiple products for interrelated processes adds cost and inefficiencies; CCH Tagetik unifies all processes, systems and platforms into one. You get a comprehensive and modern CPM system. From strategic planning through to your regulatory reports - information is orchestrated across the business at lower cost.

Modernize planning, budgeting, modeling & forecasting

Unify disparate budgeting and planning across your company by deploying a single solution for all financial processes. When data entry, validation and update tasks are automated, finance can dedicate that time to value generating activities. With the CPM power to model business scenarios, analyze variances, project cash flows, finance can produce actionable business insights that positively impact financial performance.

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Instil confidence in your numbers and reports

CCH Tagetik gives you the foundation for accurate information with a system that provides controls, governance, audit trail and traceability to give you a single-version-of-the-truth. You, the board and external stakeholders are all on the same page and using the same information.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Maximize Existing Investments

We know you want value - that’s why CCH Tagetik integrates with your existing systems, from relational databases to ERPs, CRMs and beyond. Our solution connects to any data source and provides controls to ensure that both your investments and data integrity are maximized.

Finance as a business partner, not report creator

Finance shouldn’t just create performance reports. Their analysis should drive decision making, lead strategy, and generate corporate action. CCH Tagetik frees finance from menial work and enables them to become a business partner. The system automates data entry, validation and rolling reports. It minimizes manual intervention and cuts report creation time. With native integration to Microsoft Office, non-finance users can create their own reports, depending less on finance for accurate data.

Simplify board and budget books

Collaborative reports require contributors to constantly add and update content, tables and data. This results in numerous revisions, which ties up finance with manual tasks. CCH Tagetik automates the process to ensure all iterations, contributors and data points are properly and accurately aligned.

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Low switching costs and minimal learning curve

When you're ready, a team of consultants with years of finance and CCH Tagetik-specific experience implement the solution without disrupting your existing processes. Since the system can integrate with any existing database, you lower the total cost of ownership of your current investments. Whether deployed on-premises or on the cloud, an intuitive user experience and finance-friendly design minimizes the learning curve of new users. CCH Tagetik works natively within the Microsoft Office tools that your finance teams already knows but with added automation and financial intelligence.

You’re in good hands

Our twenty year focus on serving the Office of Finance means you get an enterprise solution with all the capabilities to manage complex CPM processes from the top-down, bottom-up, matrix, functional and every other way - at a lower TCO than most existing approaches.

CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

Leonardo (Ex Finmeccanica)

Management Reporting, Project Controls, Disclosure Management


Consolidation, Closing, Reporting, KPIs, Analytics reporting, Budgeting & Planning

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Consolidation & Disclosure Management

Axel Springer


Unicredit Group

Consolidation, Budgeting, Disclosure Management, Regulatory, Dashboarding,Analysis

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Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Reporting

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