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Financial Management Solutions for Healthcare

Keep a steady finger on the pulse of your operations

Big changes to healthcare business & revenue models require timely and accurate budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes to keep pace and manage costs.

CCH Tagetik healthcare performance management solutions have made budgeting, planning and forecasting much more efficient for systems worldwide, resulting in more actionable reports. Easy-to-use and designed specifically to address performance management in healthcare, our solutions simplify reporting so you can focus on patient care.

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Tagetik Cloud for Healthcare
Tagetik Cloud for Healthcare Benefits


Quickly implement corporate strategies

Quickly implement corporate strategies while managing and controlling overall performance

Quickly create

Quickly create detailed costing analysis, drilling down by physician, healthcare provider and/or operating unit

Improve patient revenue planning

Improve patient revenue planning by breaking down and identifying KPIs for both operational and non-operational variables

Simplify reimbursement modeling

Simplify reimbursement modeling, workforce management, driver-based and capital expenditure planning

Effectively manage costs

Effectively manage costs with activity-based costing models across departments like emergency and outpatient care

Easily comply with changing

Easily comply with changing reporting regulations and new governance requirements

CCH Tagetik's unified performance management solution for Healthcare delivers

Integrated Business Planning

Use a single enterprise planning solution to integrate sales forecasts and operational plans with financial goals and corporate objectives. Create operational models and perform ‘what-if’ scenarios to optimize costs, margins and profitability; while dynamically updating financial plans, budgets and forecasts.

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Capital Planning

Align finance with operations and standardize the capital plan and budget. Assess the impact on cash flows and profitability for purchasing or replacing equipment, funding research and development, opening new - or closing other - care units or facilities, other making other major expenditures.

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Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

Allocate direct and indirect costs for more accurate profitability analysis by HMO, hospital, care giver, service or region. By applying indirect (activity-based) costs and expenses to cost centers, entities, services, etc - finance gains a better picture of financial drivers and outcomes.
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Business & Operational Modeling

Assess changing market, operational and economic conditions by modeling spending scenarios and testing business drivers to understand outcomes and the business impact. Compare results visually side-by-side, assess the highlighted variances, and evaluate the effect of strategic decisions on the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.

HR Planning

Get insights into how workforce changes across all wards, clinics and offices affect the strategic plan, cash flow and P&L. When it comes to hiring, turnover, overtime, contract roles and reorganization, play out scenarios based on those performance documents to determine your best operational recourse. Create reports based on employee-level variables like salary, sick leave, bonus, benefits, new hires, transfers and more.

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Seamless Close-to-Disclosure

CCH Tagetik enables you to complete all financial processes in a single system. Cut days of monthly closing. Easily manage journal entries, adjustments, intercompany elimination and reconciliation. Automatically cascade consolidated data into reports. Leverage automation and a single version of the truth to reduce errors and produce outputs faster.

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Reporting & Analytics

Generate custom reports, interactive dashboards, visualizations and pull analytics ad hoc, without depending on IT. CCH Tagetik’s reporting toolkit was built so that contributors from finance and other departments across your organization can report on performance, no matter their technical skillset. 

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Unified Corporate Performance Management

CCH Tagetik unifies all financial management processes into a single, automated solution. Modernize the Office of Finance with a solution that can handle the full spectrum of performance requirements from all departments. Purpose-built for finance, but optimized for non-financial users, CCH Tagetik is available on the Cloud, on-premise and your mobile device.

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Consolidation, Disclosure Management

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Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Cash Flow Planning, Consolidation

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Budgeting & Planning, Disclosure Management


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IFRS Consolidation, Budgeting, Disclosure Management


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