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Technology & Integrations

Transform data into powerful business insights

Finance runs a labyrinth of mission-critical systems. These technologies can be complex, difficult to learn and require constant manual input. Now layer on the individual products used for each financial management process - it gets more complicated, quickly.

With CCH Tagetik the complexity is eliminated. Simplify how you operate and streamline your financial management processes using a single unified solution that connects to all your underlying systems and applications. With CCH Tagetik you spend less time working on your systems and more time having those existing systems work better for you.

Tagetik's technology and integrations


Time to Create Forecasts


Report Creation Time


Time to Collect Budget Data


Connectors for SAP, Microsoft and Qlik

Extract greater value from enterprise systems using CCH Tagetik’s Connectors for SAP, Microsoft, and Qlik

Seamless process integration

Seamless process integration across ERP, CRM, SharePoint and numerous data formats

Microsoft Office integration

Empower users with native Microsoft Office integration and familiar tools like Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Better information, faster!

Better information, faster! In memory processing to accelerate cycle times

Maximize existing IT investments

Maximize existing IT investments through straightforward integration with other systems

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a single, open and unified system - on the Cloud or on-prem

CCH Tagetik's technology key capabilities include

Advanced Modeling Analytics

You cannot predict the future, but there's CCH Tagetik to model business scenarios and assess the risk and potential outcomes of changes to operations, markets and business assumptions. Pro-actively evaluate what-if scenarios based on budget, plans - historical or current- and generate actionable insights.

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In-Memory Technology

No delays, no wait time. With an increasing volume of data churning through finance, from budgets to consolidation to regulatory reports, CCH Tagetik is optimized to manage complex calculations and large data sets using in-memory processing for immediate access to financial information.

Microsoft Office Integration

The best of both worlds: CCH Tagetik’s rich financial intelligence and CPM process automation, accessible through the Microsoft tools you are already familiar with: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint – even SharePoint. Budgets, Financial Statements and Annual Reports have never been so easy!

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Single, Unified Database

One software solution, one data repository, one calculation engine, one definitive and auditable source of the truth: CCH Tagetik. Unify disparate systems, processes and technology and modernize to CCH Tagetik’s comprehensive and unified corporate performance management software solution.

Cloud Deployment

Simplicity of the cloud, with all the security and scalability assurances you need. CCH Tagetik Cloud delivers the same process-driven corporate performance management capabilities, with the same collaboration, communication and governance controls of our on-premise software. Agile, flexible, fully-featured – that’s CCH Tagetik Cloud.

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On Premises Deployment

Prefer on-premise? No problem – CCH Tagetik’s CPM software solution is proven in the most complex and highly regulated IT environments and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, programs, applications and databases. If you decide to move to the Cloud, CCH Tagetik can move with you.

Microsoft Integration

Microsoft Integration 

If you’re a finance fellow, you’re likely familiar with Microsoft technologies. This integration simplifies your daily activities in the Office of Finance while maximizes your Microsoft investments, at lower cost, so you derive greater value.

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SAP Integration

Welcome to the new era of self-serve finance. Combining CCH Tagetik with SAP gives the Office of Finance the flexibility and control they need to better manage their financial management systems and processes.

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sap integration
Qlik integration

Qlik Integration

Create your interactive dashboard reports easily and gain power in data visualization. Turn your data into insights across your business quickly.  CCH Tagetik and Qlik integration enables you to ‘see the whole story’.

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Qlik & CCH Tagetik - Insights from Trusted Financial Data

There is no other combination that provides the Office of Finance with complete control of managing finance processes and producing, vetting, and disclosing financial information with the confidence to make it seamlessly available to those who need it without risk of losing control over the accuracy and auditability of the data.

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