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Management Reporting

When numbers don’t tell the whole story

When you think of financial or management reporting, do you think about numbers or about communication? It’s the narrative that communicates the real insight into what the numbers mean to the business, to its stakeholders and to its future.

With Tagetik’s Collaborative Office for Management Reporting, accuracy is a given. But with our unique collaboration capability within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint connects the narrative to numbers across your Annual Reports, Budget Books & Board Books, Earnings Presentations and more reports. Changes reflect automatically so you spend less time building and vetting reports and more time interpreting and communicating the current and future business impact. 



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Collaborative Office Benefits


Produce reports from a single source

Produce financial and management reports, board books and earnings presentations from a single source

Dynamically update ALL reports

Dynamically updates ALL reports, documents and presentations any time a narrative or number is updated 

Built-in audits and controls

Built-in audits and controls ensure accuracy and consistency automatically

Full consistency with no errors

Consistency of narratives and wording across dozens of reports with hundreds of collaborators

Eliminate time-consuming activities

Eliminates time-consuming audits and vetting

Collaborate with multiple users

Multiple users collaborating in the same document or presentation without conflict

Tagetik’s Collaborative Office offers the following capabilities

Microsoft Office Integration

Native integration with Word and PowerPoint, plus built-in accountability, status and workflow function. Tagetik’s unified CPM solution automates disclosure reporting and supports multiple output formats including PDF, PPT, Excel and Word.

Collaborative and Controlled

Multiple contributors can work simultaneously on the same document or presentation with full security and governance. An audit trail provides the Office of Finance with a complete activity log. Finance uses the tools they know - Word and PowerPoint - plus has built-in access, status, and financial logic and all controls and auditability that they require.

Numbers and Narrative

Tagetik automates the entire close-to-report process. Dynamically linking numbers and narrative in financial statements, annual reports, board books, regulatory reports, and more.

Self-service Reporting

Tagetik automates management reporting and offers easy-to-use, self-service dashboarding for custom and ad hoc analytics. Whether online, in the Cloud or on a mobile device, reports can be produced using our native integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint – and distributed via SharePoint.

Packaged Performance Reporting

From industry-specific reports, to monthly performance review books and board presentations, to annual reports and proxy statements - Tagetik offers packaged templates to simplify and accelerate all kinds of reporting.

Single Version of the Truth

Say good-bye to discrepancies between financial statements, reports and analytics because all data comes from the same trusted, vetted CPM repository and applies the same logic, rules, calculations and financial intelligence. Use Tagetik to make informed business decisions with confidence

Tagetik's Collaborative Office Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


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When disclosure management processes fail, the consequences aren’t just contained in a single report or a single department within the company. They reverberate into the entire system, compromising confidence in technology, Finance, executives and eventually, the entire company. This webinar discusses the common mistakes made during the reporting process and how to achieve a non-disruptive enterprise-wide reporting solution through a Collaborative approach.

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