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Integrated Business Planning

If the 'integrated' part of your business planning process is based on manually reconciling budget spreadsheets, then we've got good news for you!

CCH Tagetik integrated business planning software automates the process and makes it easy for operational groups - including sales, marketing, HR and production - to communicate, collaborate and align with finance. Now THAT's integrated business planning.

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integrated business Planning key capabilities include



CCH Tagetik breaks down barriers between finance and operations by providing a collaborative, process-driven framework that facilitates communication and knowledge-sharing between contributors. No budget or plan is isolated in a departmental silo. Instead, finance and operations can easily email, IM, and set alerts with the system and share documents, comments, versions, deadlines, workflows and status, all while tracking activity.



See the true cash impact of operational processes with short and long term cash flow forecasting. Supported by advanced modeling logic, you can forecast cash, inventory, accounts payable and receivable by country, customer, segment and intercompany transactions. With these capabilities, you can identify areas that can improve cash position, interest expenses, working capital utilization and more.



Assess profitability based on a detailed analysis of true costs across the organization, including all LoBs, departments, projects, and all pricing positions. Use distribution waterfalls to complete multi-step allocations across multiple dimensions.  With CCH Tagetik's powerful allocation engine, it's easy to allocate direct, indirect and activity-based costs down to the most granular level so that you always know your true cost position. 



With the right information at the right time, assess business scenarios, analyze trends, and take action. CCH Tagetik comes complete with scorecards, dashboards, web reports and ad hoc analytics that update in real-time. Set alerts for when things change and receive notifications by email, the application or your mobile device.



Assess internal operating conditions and the impacts of changing markets in CCH Tagetik. Re-forecast plans, budgets and financial statements based on modelled variances and business drivers. With real-time actuals, historical data, budgets and plans stored in the system, you can quickly forecast across fiscal years and develop periodic and rolling forecasts.



CCH Tagetik automatically calculates and highlights variances. See the difference between scenarios, plans, forecasts, actuals, and operational drivers including volume, price and cost. Reconcile operational and financial plans and gain greater insights into the cost of sale and the sourcing drivers that impact it.

CCH Tagetik's integrated business planning Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


Integrated financial planning, profitability and monthly closing

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Consolidation, Budgeting, Cash Flow Planning

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Budgeting, Planning, Cash Flow (Integrated Business Planning), Consolidation


Cash Flow Planning, Consolidation, Reporting

Hunterdon Medical Center

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Cash Flow Planning

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Planning & Forecasting, Production Cost Planning, Group Consolidation, Reporting & Analytics

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S&OP & Financials: "if it's not integrated, why is it not integrated"

This webinar discusses a practical way of approaching IBP, one that goes beyond traditional Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP;) processes and applications.

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