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Harness the data. Gain the insights. Drive the business.  

The Analytic Information Hub empowers finance and business to harness massive amounts of granular data, uncover the hidden value and gain business insights for more informed and confident decision-making. Extending the reach of our CPM down to a more detailed level, with in-depth modelling capabilities you can quickly perform integrated business planning, detailed operational planning and profitability analysis with the same level of data governance, transparency and auditability as traditional performance management.

The powerful data management engine easily collects, transforms and validates data, to create a data ecosystem for the Office of Finance. The Analytic Information Hub provides the foundation for embracing AI and Machine Learning innovations as your digital transformation journey continues.

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CCH Tagetik Analytic Information Hub - Key Capabilities 

Gain Key Insights

Perform in-depth modeling & analytics on more granular data, transforming data into information to gain key insights.   Extending the reach of CPM processes to detailed level provides a more accurate view of the results.  In-depth planning, profitability analysis, or any other analytics all can be easily done.

Flexible Data Model

Open data model with no dimensional limitations and is designed to handle large datasets with powerful mapping, data validation capabilities, and multidimensional formulas. Gather, transform, enrich and validate data from disparate systems.

Easy to Configure

Full custom data modeling with GUI interface for configuration vs. programming. With built-in operations and validations, you can easily define SQL statements, and functions and procedures that can be reused across the application.

Implement Quickly

Controlled and risk mitigation environment with enterprise security, workflow/dataflow, and audit trail.  Software is quick to implement, non-disruptive to your current architecture and has a powerful ETL that easily connects to many source systems.

Full Information View

The CCH Analytic Information Hub can be used stand-alone or integrated with CPM to provide the complete 360° view of your data. Reduces siloed systems and increased efficiency and accuracy of data. Provides the same central data repository for Finance & Operations to access, which increases alignment and transparency.   

Driving Innovation for The Office of Finance

CCH Tagetik leverages the latest in-memory computing, cloud and mobile innovation. Run complex calculations on large amounts of data, drill down to the details, address multiple stakeholder needs from a single source, trace data (and adjustments) from start to finish, collaborate and find insights previously shrouded in siloed processes. It's all there, all in one solution.

Align Operations with Finance

Linking operational metrics to financial outcomes gives finance a complete view of the business. Optimize plans by modeling operational strategies, comparing different business scenarios, collaborating with stakeholders and seeing how decisions impact financial outcomes so you can drive more informed business decisions.

Platform for the Future

The platform for all your data: from corporate performance management summary level data to complex regulatory contract level data to granular data for analytics.  With a performant engine that quickly processes high volume data, you have the platform for today and the future needs for AI, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Auditability & Control

The CCH Tagetik Analytic Information Hub uses dataflow and audit trail to provide you the control, and auditability of your data.  With data governance and full transparency, you can be confident in your results.



Unified Solution

Single solution for all CPM, complex regulatory and detailed analytics within a unified offering. Easily drill-down to gain insights and get a more accurate view of the business

Built-in financial intelligence

Built-in operations and validations, along with GUI interface make it an easy-to-use solution

Proven power and scalability

Highly performant engine on large volumes of data with proven scalability, both on the cloud and on-premise, to support growing requirements

Finance Owned

Provides Finance their own solution for in-depth modeling and analytics, with data governance, dataflow and audit trail for control

Powerful Data Engine

Gather, transform, enrich and validate data from disparate systems quickly to create a data ecosystem for the Office of Finance

Valuable insights

Gain insights quickly anyway, anywhere with cloud, mobile, dashboards, native excel integration and self-service reporting and visualizations

CCH Tagetik's Analytic Information Hub Is Trusted By Leading Companies Across All Industries


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