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Why “User Experience” (UX), not UI, is what should matter to CFOs

Read this White Paper to learn why CFOs now understand that an outstanding UX is vital to leverage the full potential of unified corporate performance management system.

Author: Gary Simon, Group Publisher of FSN Publishing Limited and Managing Editor of FSN Newswire

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The notion that business software should be ‘easy to use’ is something that everyone can subscribe to, yet surprisingly few people can define - terms like ‘user interface’ and the ‘user experience’ are used interchangeably but are profoundly different.

Added to which, few business users can claim to be excited by the software they use in their day-to-day business lives? Yes, business software has become more functional, intuitive, graphical and intelligent but it rarely approaches the intuitiveness of popular social media apps that we use in our private lives.

How does one transform business software from a chore into an “experience” and what are the commercial business benefits to be gained from making the user experience more compelling?