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The Rockefeller Foundation gets ahead of the game with their ​​HR & Salary Planning!

Learn how Rockefeller gets ahead of the game with their HR & Salary Planning seamlessly with CCH Tagetik on the cloud!


The user experience was not great in Clarity, it lagged a little bit, it didn't save very quickly and it wasn't very dynamic.

A major pain point for our users before CCH Tagetik was their user experience.

The solution that we had prior wasn't as responsive, we didn't have local currencies that we could plan or do reporting.

Currently, we are using CCH Tagetik to do the HR and Salary Planning, which is great because its very flexible: we can add employees, remove employees, add a bunch of different KPIs and factors, I can really change the plan for the entire year.

Another plan that we do is IT/capital, so you have it separate we combine the two, we do capital purchases for the year and it's great, because the actuals always come through, we update our actuals every 20 minutes so, we have very up-to-date data that our IT department can use to forecast or budget for the rest of the year.

The most impressive thing with the implementation of CCH Tagetik was the performance of the system, as well as the flexibility of the system.

Being a very dynamic organization we're required to make changes to reports that sometimes have to design very simple or very complex reports… but CCH Tagetik allowed us to do such things.

Another big one is how easy the system is to learn, Our IT department is not involved at all, we've essentially taken ownership of the system, so whenever you want to make changes or adjust any data feeds or ETL … we just do it ourselves.

CCH Tagetik has allowed us to reduce our user input time by 50%.

Since we've started using it, the accurate and timeliness of data has been a huge benefit, simply because we can control how often the data comes in and since CCH Tagetik allows you to drill through, drill down, and array of different options … it really allows us to make sure that everything is as accurate as possible.

Since implementing CCH Tagetik, we were able to reduce our closing time by 20% every single month.

We deployed CCH Tagetik on the cloud because of all the benefits that it entails.

I'm a big believer of … the people that created the system should also host the system because they just know the best environment that the system could be in, and also the fact that we're patched up regularly, we're updated regularly and … a systems person, if you fall behind on patches or upgrades… it can become very costly.

So that's a great benefit to have.

The CFO benefits with CCH Tagetik because she is confident that the data that were sharing with the rest of the organization, as well as outside parties, is accurate and timely.

We have many ways of validating and checking data because of CCH Tagetik.

Yes, I would recommend CCH Tagetik to everybody.

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