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Evolve Now: Uniper's experience

Uniper embarks with CCH Tagetik’s iXBRL to ensure compliance with the technical ESEF requirements and with an optimal unified platform.


Uniper Group is one of Germany's largest utility company dealing with energy, gas, and so on.

To meet ESEF requirement, we consulted a company in the same businesse and we started an intensive dialogue and in doing so we were able to identify and discuss many aspects before they came up as problem for us.

We mainly focused on the preparation of the business concept.

On the other hand we leveraged the ESEF project to present the balance sheet in a more diaggregated way, benefiting from the opportunity of gaining insights that go beyond the pure implementation itself.

For us it was important to cover all aspects: first of all it has to be ensured that the software fully meet the country specific regulatory requirements, it must also be guaranteed that new ESMA requirements are implemented in short notice, furthermore the detection affecting the financial statement during the closing process is integrated smoothly and easily.

Last but not lease it is also important to have a technical support anytime from the software provider.

Having in mind that we've implemented CCH Tagetik including Collaborative Disclosure Management for actual reporting approximately one and a half year ago, we decided to analyze the CCH Tagetik iXBRL solution more in detail.

We were particularly impressed by the fact that CCH Tagetik chose CoreFiling as a partner, who has many years of experience in the area of iXBRL and XML reporting.

At the end we were convinced by the CCH Tagetik solution, because now we are able to meet all the technical ESEF requirements in a streamlined integrated system, since everything run in the CCH Tagetik environment.

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