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CCH Tagetik KICK OFF 2019 - Mining the Gold

CCH Tagetik launched their annual Kick Off 2019 in hillsides of Tuscany, the ideal destination to meet with all CCH Tagetik colleagues from all over the world to share 2018 success stories and launch a new year. Listen to what was shared!


I think the Kick Off is the best experience in CCH Tagetik, because we are growing very fast, we are adding people,and we discover that the people is the main asset we have in CCH Tagetik, the most precious one, when we are all together at the Kick Off.It's wonderful, it's in a beautiful location and it's a great opportunity to get together with colleagues and share ideas.It's really a fantastic event, I would say what energy and enthusiasm, the right place to be, the right place to work.

Even though CCH Tagetik is becoming bigger and bigger I can still feel the family spirit all around, this is what I love.

CCH Tagetik Kick Offs are always a wonderful experience, especially for this one, we are building on the great momentum that we started on 2018.

It's always a huge privilege and a massive pleasure to come to a CCH Tagetik Kick Off.

We come here from all over the world with lots of confidence, we had a great year behind us and we all knew it, so it was very nice to walk in here and feel the vibe, so it really feels like now, we are starting to mine gold.A great chance for me to meet a lot of my colleagues from all over the world.

The family spirit and the attention for the people and when you work at CCH Tagetik you can really feel it everyday.

Working on innovative projects and improvinvg my skills, that's my favorite part.

The family, the culture, that is a requirement for me and CCH Tagetik exceeds those expectations.I really like it because it really opens my mind.

To work as a team and to try to have fun as much as you can in doing what you do everyday.

Passion! Everybody here is very passionateabout what they do, they like helping our customers as do I, they feel like our solution is the best in the market as do I,so it's contagious, the energy is very exiting.Bring the solution to the customers helping them to overcome the challenges that they face on regular basis, weather through the process or through the systems, to be there it's the best part of it.

The best part of working in CCH Tagetik is the constant innovation and evolution, the passion and the enthusiasm that we put in every action we are making in the company.I love this company and I think it's a good company to stay in and to work with.

It's the people, it's the people and it's the people.

It's always the people, but here at CCH Tagetik I think as well as being a hugely talented bunch of people, there are very driven bunch of people.Everyone is so passionate about our solution and how we can empower our customers it's really infectious.

I think we discover everyday a different best part of why we work in CCH Tagetik, so first of all I think that people are the best part of our work, second the software, I'm so excited because there's always something new we want to discover and this is like a story that is never-ending, there's an evolution of our solution.We have the best offering.

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