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International Tax - Shaping the Future of the Tax Department with CCH Tagetik

One of the global trends within tax is the increasing emphasis on data and technology. Digitizing your company’s tax function may or may not be a subject you are entirely comfortable talking about right now. But it should be. Not because it is a fascinating trend, but because it will help transform your tax function, allowing it to perform at the next level and beyond. The potential benefits help shift the tax function from a mainly compliance-focused function, to one that has enhanced capabilities and can act more pro-actively.

The global tax accounting and reporting solution for CCH Tagetik is designed to help your organization enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporate tax accounting & reporting cycle. It combines PwC’s global best practices in tax accounting and tax reporting with the power of CCH Tagetik, unlocking new possibilities that enable you in your journey to bring the tax department to the next level and beyond.

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Chapter 1 Setting the Scene - What is going on in the Tax Space

Brief introduction to the changing landscape of direct tax management, why and how tax accounting and reporting functionality need to be improved and integrate into the finance data, a first glance of what's possible and what PwC and CCH Tagetik have been doing so far.

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Chapter 2 Demo of PwC Tax solution powered by CCH Tagetik

A quick run down of the solution, learn how you can use the Tagetik platform for your Tax requirements.

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Chapter 3 Key features and benefits of the Tax Solution

Discover how to benefit from PwC and CCH Tagetik Tax Solution.

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