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iXBRL with CCH Tagetik powered by CoreFiling

iXBRL standard impacts any company listed for group filing on EU and EEA regulated markets. Our integrated, certified, and cloud-based solution combines the strengths of CCH Tagetik and CoreFiling to enable quick, accurate preparation of iXBRL files in format required by European regulators.

Grazia Cafagna, Director, Financial Services Solutions Management at CCH Tagetik and Jon Siddle, Technical Lead at CoreFiling, will guide you through a live demo to see first-hand how our solution can help you get compliant quickly before the deadline.

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Chapter 1 The new iXBRL for ESMA requirements introduction

Maria Grazia Cafagna, Director - Financial Services Solutions Management at CCH Tagetik, introduces the new iXBRL regulations explaining what are the differences between iXBRL and XBRL and what is needed to generate the reports.

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Chapter 2 The partnership with CoreFiling

Learn why CCH Tagetik decided to partner with CoreFiling in developing a solution to comply withthe new mandatory standard for IFRS Annual Financial Statement filings.

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Chapter 3 iXBRL with CCH Tagetik powered by Corefiling Demo

Watch the demo by Jon Siddle from CoreFiling to learn how to simplify reporting, comparability & analysis.

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