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2 min demo: OLAP vs ROLAP

Go behind the covers and learn how underlying technology used in financial solutions may impact your efficiency in this advanced guide.



OLAP.What is OLAP? OLAP is multi-dimensional technology with data aggregation, the ability to drill down across and through being able to slice and dice the information with consistent retrieval times.Normal limitations that people perceive are: time to load, calc and rebuild the cube environment, the ability to havelots of detail within the environment, as well as possible risks regarding data synchronization issues across multiple cube environment.ROLAP is OLAP in on a relational back-end technology instead of cube or proprietary technologyperforming calculations on the fly and presenting those to the end user.While there's many advantages to ROLAP the significant ones are one version of the truth with one central data repository leveraging existing technology for internal IT support.The disadvantages that are normally perceived with ROLAP are 3: data retrieval time, calculation complexity support and storage capability.Now CCH Tagetik leverages ROLAP technology for many various reasons.

But CCH Tagetik has also overcome many of the disadvantages through its flexible architecture, the circumventing data retrieval key issues with its built-in calculation tool to be able to handlecomplex calculation requirements, as well as its built-in archiving for storage concerns.

So, here we will see an example of this, where we have a dashboard and the user wants to interact with this and create an aggregation point on the fly that may not exist within the cube environment,.With CCH Tagetik the user simply has to select these areas, ask the tool to refresh the data and get on the fly near real-time performance.So what does this mean for CCH Tagetik users and customers? That they get an enterprise performance system that leveragesROLAP technology and does not require data movement synchronization and maintenance that traditional cube solutions need.

Truly a solution that is meant to be maintained and operated by Finance professionals.

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