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Tosoh America

Tosoh America’s Implemented CCH Tagetik's Software Solution for Financial Reporting and Consolidation

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The Challenge

Tosoh America, Inc., headquartered just south of Columbus, Ohio, is the parent company to a group of 11 subsidiaries across North America offering a range of chemical and specialty materials and equipment. The challenge was to find a better way to complete the company’s quarterly consolidation report required by parent Tosoh Corporation in Japan. The manual consolidation process was time-consuming and laborintensive, typically requiring 80 hours per quarter to complete.

Accounting managers of each subsidiary would complete manual spreadsheets and submit them to Rowell’s team. It took another five to ten business days for Rowell’s team to compile the data and calculate intercompany sales, payables and receivables; to verify the data aligned properly; and to create a consolidated spreadsheet. “Even after investing all of that time, we could never really be sure if the numbers were accurate,” said Rowell.

CCH Tagetik Solution

Rowell’s team began implementation of CCH Tagetik software in July 2009. The entire implementation took about 100 days to complete. According to Rowell, the implementation was “super-fast, with no technical issues.”

By September, Rowell able to produce his first quarterly consolidated report using CCH Tagetik. A one-time set up by CCH Tagetik consultants at the start allows the software to extract data from Tosoh’s various ERP systems. “CCH Tagetik goes out and grabs the data, brings it into the CCH Tagetik software, maps it, and places it in a holding table from which we run our processes,” explained Rowell.

Today, Rowell’s finance organization uses CCH Tagetik software for all of the company’s monthly, quarterly, and annual consolidated reporting. In addition, 15 accounting staff members at Tosoh America subsidiaries use CCH Tagetik to contribute financial data for consolidated reporting.


Consolidated quaterly and monthly reports

Less than eight hours - rather than 80 - to complete a consolidated quarterly report

Data integrity and accuracy

Be sure that data stays intact during extraction, transportation and loading

Consistency to finance

Get the data right out of CCH Tagetik for the parent company or to show banks or auditors

Easy integration

Integration with multiple existing systems including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

Faster, efficient, more frequent reporting

Give company leaders the timely information needed to run the business better

Fast deployment

Super-fast and with no technical issues implementation

Customer Quote

When you set up a process to go and extract data from your ERP and put it into another system, there must be strong checks and balances along the way to make sure that data stays intact. We think CCH Tagetik simply has the strongest product in terms of ensuring accuracy.

Dan Rowell - Corporate Controller</strong