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John Hancock / Manulife

John Hancock / Manulife implemented CCH Tagetik's software solution for Disclosure Management, Financial Reporting & Consolidation

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The Challenge

Manulife, a leading financial services group based in Canada, acquired U.S. insurance leader John Hancock in 2004 to become one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Challenges included multiple reporting requirements and a reliance on manual processes.

In September 2011, the company formed a project team to identify a set of goals and begin the search for an automated reporting solution. The team’s overarching objective was to simplify the financial reporting process. A critical goal was to create one source of the truth for producing all financial statements. The reporting solution also had to integrate with Lawson’s general ledger system. In addition, the project team wanted to ensure consistency and standardization across all financial reports without error-prone and time-consuming manual work.

CCH Tagetik Solution

In March 2012, the team documented and reviewed business requirements and implemented CCH Tagetik in a test environment. Next, the team began testing, building reports and training. The company also established a working group of super users, including IT and financial reporting personnel. In May 2012, CCH Tagetik software was officially implemented. Leveraging the existing Lawson general ledger system and Essbase database management system, the team created a second data mart so that all financial information could be uploaded into a central repository. Over the following months the project team focused on generating nine reports, which included multiple sets of audited U.S. GAAP statements (two of which are filed with the SEC), audited statutory reports which are filed with insurance regulators and National Association of Insurance Commissioner (NAIC), and unaudited footnotes included in regulatory filings with insurance regulators and NAIC.

“We set pretty ambitious goals to get all nine of these reports up and running, but we wanted to quickly take advantage of using all CCH Tagetik Disclosure Management functionality that we could,”
said Nataupsky. “Within six months, we had trained staff, created all requirements and started generating financial statements.”

In early 2013, the organization began using CCH Tagetik for additional John Hancock reports, including multiple sets of management discussion and analysis (MD&A) required by the NAIC and insurance regulators as well as internal quarterly management reporting for the audit committees and board of directors. By the end of 2013, 96 people at John Hancock were accessing the CCH Tagetik software and the finance team was producing reports involving three different basis of accounting methods and 15 legal entities. In addition, Manulife began using CCH Tagetik to produce its annual and quarterly interim financial statements. By early 2014, Manulife was also using CCH Tagetik for the MD&A in its quarterly reports to shareholders and for its press release.

Discover why John Hancock / Manulife trusts CCH Tagetik!

John Hancock / Manulife implemented CCH Tagetik's software solution for Disclosure Management, Financial Reporting & Consolidation

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One source of truth

Central repository for all financial reporting information

Significant reduction in manual processes

CCH Tagetik has eliminated most of the manual work previously required (only 5-10% manual data entry now needed)

Streamlined data collection

The standard templates allow business areas to update their data during the close process, ensuring greater consistency across financial statements

Standardized reporting

Standardized quarterly reporting for audit committee and board of director

Improved management review process

The company team’s efficiency has helped expedite the management review process and has significantly reduced reporting time.

Consistency across financial statement

CCH Tagetik's Disclosure Management streamlined and brought standardization and consistency across the organization

Customer Quote

We have a great working relationship with CCH Tagetik. The team is very hands-on and continues to work closely with us on ways to refine our processes and further optimize the solution. CCH Tagetik allows us to continuously monitor the data with built-in checks and significantly reduced the amount of manual entry to about 5 to 10%.

Jeff Nataupsky - Vice president of financial reporting & controls