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Ileos implemented CCH Tagetik's software solution for Statutory Consolidation, Budgeting & Forecasting, Reporting

We deployed CCH Tagetik throughout our group because our consolidation and reporting tools were ready for the next generation. We have already used the solution to optimize our monthly reporting and annual closing and we intend to add new functionality for reporting and other processes in the near future.

Olivier Maître Jean - CFO of ILEOS Group

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The Challenge

ILEOS Group is comprised of four companies which provide customized packaging solutions for perfumes, cosmetics and health products. In the past, a number of disparate systems were used for reporting and consolidation throughout the group.

Since the systems could not communicate with each other, these processes became very complicated and were often plagued with errors, long delays and considerable manual work.




Double entries are now history, the users have more reliable information and save a considerable amount of time in the process


Now it can create more accurate budgets for different entities and avoid the time-consuming reconciliations between different systems

More Reporting and Analysis

ILEOS can devote more time to analyzing and reporting because now it's needed less time making corrections and formatting data


Now ILEOS’ finance department has simplified the processes, deciding to use us for consolidation, reporting and management control

Exchange data

In order to minimize the need for double entries, now it has a solution that could seamlessly exchange data between the processes

Web solution

Web solution and online validations with direct response

The Solution

In order to meet their current and future requirements, ILEOS’ finance department decided to deploy a new solution for consolidation, reporting and management control. The project team wanted to gradually replace its existing tools before adding new functions to improve and strengthen the group’s management capabilities.

  • Replace aging consolidation and reporting tools       
  • Avoid duplicate entries
  • Benefit from multilingual tools
  • Rebuild the existing structure before developing new features

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