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Stratos is a CCH Tagetik Consulting Partner


Stratos S.r.l., for over 30 years, is offering to the market strategic solutions that simplify the work of its customers and speed up the business of every day. Over the years we have chosen to focus our efforts on specific areas with the awareness that the development of skills, both technical and application, is the real added value that we can offer to our customers.  

Competence and reliability at any time, from requirements analysis to post-sale assistance, makes Stratos the strategic partner of reference to collaborate with … and numerous references, companies of primary importance in Italian economic landscape, demonstrate it more than anything else. Founded in 1984, Stratos is now a solid reality always careful to market developments.

The solutions we propose concern the following areas: Corporate Performance Management; Information Governance; Enterprise Content Management; Enterprise Resources Planning; Custom Web Development.

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