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sam services

Sam Services represents CCH Tagetik in Middle east

Sam Services

Company Profile

SAM Services LLC has his Head Quarters in Dubai (UAE), a hub for the modern Middle East business world, to ensure our core expertise, to be nearby our customers. Combining three winning factors – Solutions, Advisory and Management – all offered under the single umbrella organization and dedicated team. SAM Services provides end-to-end offering for the entire spectrum of requirements for all Industry’s Financial Departments, covering the Performance Management Solution CCH Tagetik and ditto Consulting.  SAM's global expertise is available locally. Experts advise the Finance Departments in defining their requirements, selection of the right tools, implementing and optimizing the use of CCH Tagetik’s excellent CPM Solution.


ED36, DOZ Building 7
PO Box 500500, Dubai (UAE) 

Office: +971/
Mobile: +971/

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