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June 09, 2011 - Lucca, Italy

Tagetik Webcast Delves into XBRL Reporting and Disclosure Management

Expert panel discusses why disclosure reporting should be a top priority for finance executives

Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for Performance Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Business Intelligence, today hosted a one-hour Web seminar on disclosure management. A small panel of experts discussed the growing need for an automated, collaborative solution to manage corporate disclosures, create statutory filings and fulfill external, internal and XBRL reporting requirements. “Nowadays, disclosure management and reporting means aggregating information from multiple stakeholders in Investor Relations, Corporate Communications, Legal and other departments across the organization to produce a single document,” says Manuel Vellutini, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik. “Although most companies have made substantial investments in financial applications, their disclosure processes remain manual, disjointed and error-prone.

Discussing this critical scenario facing finance departments were: John van Decker, Vice-President for Research at Gartner; Jaideep Shah, XBRL Business Manager at Fujitsu America; Mark Corsetti, Vice-President and General Manager at Tagetik North America; and Alessio Lolli, Software Specialist at Tagetik. These experts agreed that a streamlined, automated process for collaboration, compliance and control is needed throughout the entire disclosure cycle. “CFOs are forced to meet ever-growing and more stringent compliance requirements such as XBRL within tighter deadlines and without incurring additional costs or resources,” continues Vellutini. “These filing requirements will only continue to expand, making compliance more difficult, time-consuming and expensive. That’s why organizations need Tagetik CDM, a solution that can make the traditionally serial process of disclosure and reporting a truly collaborative one.”

In addition, Tagetik CDM works seamlessly with Interstage® XWand®, a leading innovation in XBRL technology solutions from Fujitsu,” adds Marco Pierallini, Executive Vice-President and Chief Development Officer at Tagetik. “Our company is also a proud member of XBRL US, Inc. (http://xbrl.us/), which supports the implementation of XML business reporting standards and promotes XBRL adoption through marketplace collaboration.

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