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Devops Engineer

Ref.: DOE-IT
Location: Lucca (Italy)
Job Status: Full Time


We are looking a DevOps Engineer to join in the System Team, that is a specialized Agile Team that assists in building and using the Agile development environment, including Continuous Integration, in providing infrastructure to perform the corporate software release, help in scheduling test cases designed by individual teams are organized into ordered suites, automated builds, automated deploying and automation in general. Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the teams and other stakeholders are supported by providing quick feedback with respect to the efficacy and integrity of the evolving end-to-end solution
  • Creating products, utilities and scripts to automate deployment, help in develop and maintaining the release software automation build tools
  • That solution-level integration scripts are executed, or help integrating manually where automation is not possible or has not yet been applied component teams in defining inter-component interfaces needed, coordinate the creation of new automated jobs
  • Refactor and run reduced test suites where applicable; assisting teams in creating reduced test suites that they themselves can run.
  • Ensure solution performances are tested against NFRs and help identifying system shortfalls and bottlenecks.



  • Master Degree in Computer Sciences, Business Management or Technical/Business Engineering;
  • 3+ year experience in java coding
  • Knowledge of Java language and main libraries
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Basic Knowledge of bash, batch scripting
  • knowledge of maven, gradle build tools
  • Good knowledge of git and subversion version control tools +
  • Good knowledge of Linux OS
  • Working knowledge of security principles, server security, file systems and access control system



  • Knowledge of Chef / Puppet / Ansible tools
  • Experience as Jenkins administrator 
  • Knowledge and practice of cloud virtualization and resource management using Docker 
  • Experience with JEE Application Servers 
  • Knowledge of Selenium or similar testing tools 
  • Knowledge of SonarQube, Nagios and other information radiators 
  • Knowledge of any of SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and HANA DB
  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools

Remuneration and contract terms will be discussed individually and defined according to personal skills, competences and experience.

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