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cash is king

Managing, forecasting and generating predictive models for cash flow is a mission critical function. An error or unforeseen external event can result in disaster. Having the right treasury software solutions with advanced & sophisticated capabilities is key to understanding the ebb and flow of cash-in & cash-out.

CCH Tagetik treasury management software lets you plan cash flow, monitor cash-in and cash-out, create rolling forecasts and assess, model, and manage risk based on currency rates, interest rates, and other factors impacting financial viability, debt, solvency & value.



Instantly impact

Instantly and automatically see the impact of all reports and plans on cash flow

Quickly create forecasts

Quickly create forecasts to inform your recommendations

Complete transparency

Complete audits with ease, complete transparency and traceability

Ensure regulatory compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with flexible controls and workflow tools at all organizational levels

Monitor cash flow

Monitor cash flow at a glance with visually appealing analytics

Get the entire picture

Get the entire picture with tools that enable communication and collaboration with controllers and other stakeholders

With CCH Tagetik, treasury managers gain a unified approach to Corporate Performance Management

Cash flow modeling

With CCH Tagetik, you can model interest rates, exchange rates and the cash flow impact of different business scenarios and instantly incorporate decisions into budgets, plans and long-term rolling forecasts. CCH Tagetik gives you access to real-time data, so modeling what-if scenarios doesn’t wait for data synchronization, recalculation or reconsolidation – you get business modeling capabilities and the power to make real-time decisions against market events.

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Simplify cash flow planning with cascading data updates and real-time monitoring

CCH Tagetik automates cash flow planning down to the budget line item. You can monitor budgets and see the immediate impact of cash flow changes on your plans, so you have a real-time look at cash-in and cash-out at all times.

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Respond better and faster to unexpected events

When expenditures change, budgets overrun, or disaster strikes, in CCH Tagetik your cash flow forecasts update instantly. This automation cuts down the timely, manual process of monitoring and updating forecasts. When market change does happen you’ll know where you can pull cash in a bind.

Monitor cash flow across your entire organization

With CCH Tagetik, you control assets, investments, multiple lines of credit and report on them with extraordinary precision in real-time. Graph, chart, drag and drop and visualize key cash flow metrics into our analytics module in order to view cash flow at-a-glance.

CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

M+W Group

Budgeting, Planning, Consolidation, Reporting, Disclosure Management

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Consolidation, Cash Flow Planning, Budgeting, Monthly Closing, Enterprise Risk Management

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Budgeting, Cash Flow, Regulatory Accounting, Profitability Analysis, Control of Financial Risks

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Financial Consolidation, Reporting

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Budgeting & Forecasting, Group Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Consolidation, Reporting

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Cisalfa Sport

Closing, Profitability, Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, Cash Flow, Reporting

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Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs, will interview Stefano Castellani, Financial Reporting Analyst Scotch & Soda on the implementation of CCH Tagetik Budgeting & Forecasting Solution.

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