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Financial Management Solutions for Telco & Communications

Stay one step ahead of a swiftly evolving landscape

Technology and regulatory changes are reshaping the communications environment every day, creating new, complex financial management challenges.

Our financial solutions for telco communications, CCH Tagetik Cloud for Telco & Communications, deliver unified corporate performance management capabilities, giving you a more granular view of operations. They accelerate closing & reporting cycles and improve productivity while lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

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Tagetik Cloud for Communications



Modernize cumbersome manual processes and automate data entry.

On-demand access

On-demand access to daily, monthly and quarterly business information to support short and long-term decision-making

See more through informative dashboards

Greater visibility through informative dashboards and detailed analysis for both finance and business users business, operating units and corporate

Single version of the truth

Single version of the truth - across plans, budgets, lines of business, operating units and corporate. Eliminate the debate.

Model key drivers

Model key drivers like allocations, internetwork charges, cash flow, debt ratios, depreciation, obsolescence

Profitability Insight

See profitability by type of service like fixed network, leased, international, prepaid, or bundle

CCH Tagetik's unified performance management solution for telco & Communications industry delivers

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Effortlessly generate periodic and rolling forecasts with data that automatically refreshes. Simplify the strategic planning and annual budgeting process with a single source of financials. Align business plans with operational budgets. Eliminate manual data entry.

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Business & Operational Modeling

Model different operational and business scenarios, assess the impact and outcomes, then instantly incorporate results into budgets, plans and forecasts. Real-time data updates allows you to complete variance analysis and play out what-if scenarios without waiting for data synchronization, recalculation or reconsolidation.

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Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

With profitability in flux, capital expenditures on the rise and increasing data usage, plans and capital are constantly changing. CCH Tagetik captures changes to cash flow in real-time so you can see the cash in/cash out impact of fluctuations on cash flow plans and forecasts.

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Capacity Planning

Understand resource requirements and capacity constraints that impact operational and financial outcomes. Build business and operational models to play ‘what-if’ scenarios, optimize resources based on capacity and assess the net impact on financial statements, including cash flow.

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HR Planning

From call centres to store fronts and head office, align HR decisions with finance and operations. Play out what-if scenarios to see how workforce changes affect the strategic plan, P&L, cash position and operational productivity. Slice and dice data by HR drivers like turnover, overtime, contract and detailed employee-level variables (salary, sick leave, bonus, benefits, new hires, transfers, and more.)

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Seamless Close-to-Disclosure

educe the time it takes to close the books with fast close and automatic data validation. Connect consolidated figured to reports using a single version of the truth that updates automatically. Manage and control journals, adjustments, intercompany eliminations and reconciliations in a single solution. All contributors perform all tasks in a controlled, secure environment. 

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Reporting & Analytics

Users with any technical skillset across your organization can use CCH Tagetik to create reports. Built for ease-of-use, the reporting toolset comes complete with custom reporting capabilities, interactive drag-and-drop dashboards and data visualization. Self-service reporting enables ad hoc analysis without dependance on IT.

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Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

With financial intelligence and pre-packaged statutory reporting combined, you'll spend less time preparing reports and more time analyzing the information. CCH Tagetik automates the production of regulatory filings. Prepare statements according to multi-GAAP (IAS, IFRS, US GAAP, local GAAPs) and more. Report using local requirements but consolidate in a global regulatory language, without altering source information, like interest rates or currency.

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CCH Tagetik for telco & communications


CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies in the telco & COMMUNICATIONS industry


Budgeting, Cash Flow, Regulatory Accounting, Profitability Analysis, Control of Financial Risks

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Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning

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Consolidation & Disclosure Management

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Consolidation, Budgeting, Cash Flow, Disclosure Management


Consolidation, Planning, Cash Flow




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Are you IFRS 16 Ready? Practical Experiences with Implementing CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting

In this Webinar Casper van Leeuwen from Satriun Group shares his experience with the lease standard and with what is involved in implementing it in good order. Additionally, Marco van der Kooij from CCH Tagetik will give a strategic overview of CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting solution.

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