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Financial Management Solutions for Retail

Take decisive action to combat squeezed profit margins

Tight economic conditions and instant access to competitive pricing empower consumers in new ways. Your margins are squeezed & profitability hinges on improved performance, simpler processes, and costs controls.

The CCH Tagetik Cloud for Retail performance management solution helps retailers address this today. Our retail management solution lets you monitor & measure business performance, manage retail P&L, and ultimately act.

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Tagetik Cloud for Retail Benefits


Simplify budgeting and planning

Simplify budgeting and planning by consolidating strategic, corporate and store level planning in a single application

Monitor performance

Monitor performance of stores, suppliers and customers in one place

Improve profitability

Improve profitability by tracking the cash impact of stock-outs, inventory turns, sell-through and markdowns

Improve cost control

Improve cost control by allocating direct and indirect costs including logistics and service costs on points of sale

More accurate investments

More accurate investments — budget for new stores or IT projects — and assess the impact on profitability and cash flow

Improve HR management

Improve HR management — hours, FTE, overtime —  and calculate labor costs by store, department or employee

CCH Tagetik's unified performance management solution for the RETAIL industry delivers

Integrated Business Planning

Dynamically update financial plans, budgets and forecasts in a single solution. Integrate sales forecasts and operational plans with financial goals and corporate objectives. Create operational models and play ‘what-if’ scenarios to optimize costs, margins and profitability.

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Capacity Planning

Understand constraints that affect sales, purchasing and inventory plans; then assess the impact on the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. Build business models to play ‘what-if’ scenarios and optimize resources by retail location, shelf or floor space, brand, product or SKU.

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P&L and Balance Sheet Planning

View the financial impact of new store openings or closings, same store performance, and promotional programs and instantly update budgets and plans. See the the capital and HR impact of adding assets or staff due to economic shifts or seasonality.

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Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

With so many channels, stores and expenses to juggle, retailers need a real-time view of cash flow. CCH Tagetik provides double entry logic and automates the cash in/cash out impact of budget line items. Cash flow plans are instantly updated when capital, exchange rates, interest rates and other plans change, so decision-makers can quickly assess the net business impact.

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Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

Allocate costs to stores based on square footage, percent of sales, product mix and more. Determine overhead costs and fix margins, logistics and service costs on points of sale based on specific drivers. Determine labor costs by store, department or employee.

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HR Planning

Whether you're analyzing store-level employees or head office, get insights into how workforce changes, turnover, overtime, contract and seasonality impact HR, finance and operations. Drill into employee-level details, like salary, sick leave, bonus, benefits, new hires and transfers. Before making HR decisions, test possible scenarios and play out how they will affect the strategic plan, P&L, cash position and operational productivity.

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Reporting & Analytics

With packaged templates, all contributors can report on key metrics and performance using CCH Tagetik’s reporting toolset. Create custom reports, interactive dashboards, visualizations and ad hoc analytics without depending on IT. The solution is built so that users from any department or technical skillset can easily create reports.

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Seamless Close-to-Disclosure

Reduce the time it takes to close the books with fast close and automatic data validation. Connect consolidated figured to reports using a single version of the truth that updates automatically. Manage and control journals, adjustments, intercompany eliminations and reconciliations in a single solution. All contributors perform all tasks in a controlled, secure environment. 

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How to achieve hero status with modern budgeting technologies

Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs, will interview Stefano Castellani, Financial Reporting Analyst Scotch & Soda on the implementation of CCH Tagetik Budgeting & Forecasting Solution.

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