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Financial Management Solutions for Power & Utilities

Utilize your data to power business insights

Environmental & regulatory changes, technology advancements, and new service models create increasing complexity. An accurate view of your financial operations is key — integrating CPM processes, improving analytics & accelerating reporting cycles.

CCH Tagetik Cloud offers a unified approach to operational & financial performance and regulatory reporting. Our financial solutions for power and utilities help you meet and surpass your diverse financial management and reporting needs.

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Tagetik Cloud for Power & Utilities Benefits


Modernize legacy products

Modernize legacy products with single solution that supports all corporate performance management processes


Automated data entry ensures fewer errors and time-consuming manual processes

Optimize financial processes

Optimize financial processes with integrated financial planning to see the potential effects on profitability, bottom line and cash flow

Maximize market value

Maximize market value, reduce operating costs and manage capital investments

Monitor and improve performance

Monitor and improve performance of business units (gas, electric, etc.) using ABC analysis and other cost allocation methods

Better manage production

Better manage production facilities and investments by measuring OPEX and CAPEX

CCH Tagetik's unified performance management solution for Power & Utilities delivers

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Simplify the strategic planning and annual budgeting process with a single source of financials using CCH Tagetik's unified budgeting, planning, forecasting and modeling solution. Align with operational plans across divisions, technology (thermal, wind, hydro), segments (consumer, corporate, regions) and others.

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Project Planning

Project owners can add projects, enter tasks and assign work, without burdening system administrators. They can then create models to optimize costs and capital structures and play out the results on the P&L, cash flow and balance sheet.

Production & Capacity Planning

Understand the resource requirements and capacity constraints that impact production, supply and your ability to meet demand. Model operational drivers to see how they affect sales, distribution and delivery. Play out scenarios to see how margins, profitability and cash flow change. Choose the best outcome to optimize the production mix.

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Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

In order to keep on the lights, power and utilities companies always need to know their true cash position. Down to the budget line item, CCH Tagetik automates the cash in, cash out impact of changes to projects, plans and capital in real-time so decision makers have the background they need. 

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Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

Allocate direct and indirect costs to any level of detail to more accurately analyze profitability by grid, project, region or channel. Use cost allocation methods to assess profitability by business division (hydro, electric) and department (marketing, sales).
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Seamless Close-to-Disclosure

CCH Tagetik’s fast close shaves days off the time it takes to close the books. In a single system for all financial processes, create journals and adjustments and manage intercompany data. When figures change, reports update automatically.
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Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

With financial intelligence and pre-packaged regulatory reporting, spend less time preparing reports and meet deadlines easily.  CCH Tagetik automates the creation of your statutory reports. Prepare disclosures according to multi-GAAP (IAS, IFRS, US GAAP, local GAAPs) and more. Create reports using local requirements but also consolidate group statements using a global regulatory language, without altering source information, like interest rates or currency.

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Reporting & Analytics

Packaged templates, drag-and-drop dashboards, custom reports, interactive visualizations and more. CCH Tagetik’s reporting toolkit was created so that non-financial and non-technical users can easily generate the analytics they need to analyze performance.

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CCH Tagetik for power & utilities


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Consolidation on cloud


Consolidation, Budgeting, Planning, Disclosure Management


Budgeting, Closing, Consolidation, Cash Flow Planning, Reporting, Disclosure Management

Severn Trent

Consolidation, Regulatory Reporting, CDM (on cloud)


Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Disclosure Compliance


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On Demand Webinar


In this webinar Anglian Water and CCH Tagetik explore how finance teams can achieve greater financial agility and effective regulatory reporting control in the Utility Industry. You will also get the opportunity to learn how the specific demands of regulatory reporting and management accounting are adding to the Anglian Water’s wider vision - and hear about the challenges they have faced along the way.

Finally, learn how, with CCH Tagetik, the team will deliver their vision for a single place for all budgeting, consolidation, cash-flow and regulatory reporting.

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