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Financial Management Solutions for Insurance

Modernizing your financial processes doesn’t take an act of God

Insurers are under constant pressure to reduce risk, balance policy premiums with payouts, and comply with demanding regulations.

CCH Tagetik for Insurance modernizes key financial management processes, helping you comply with regulations & model policies to optimize pricing or adjust premiums. Our insurance management solutions help you quickly understand how business decisions impact P&L, cash position, and financial performance.

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Simplify complex financial processes

Simplify complex financial processes, from strategic planning to disclosure reporting

Confidently meet all requirements

Confidently meet statutory and compliance requirements, including Solvency II

Minimize total cost of ownership

Minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) for all performance management processes

Build financial controls and validations

Build financial controls and validations into processes and reporting

Collaborate on financial processes

Collaborate on financial processes, including intercompany transactions, transfer pricing, and regulatory reporting

Easily trace and audit data

Easily trace and audit data, from initial strategic planning through final disclosure

CCH Tagetik's unified performance management solution for the INSURANCE industry delivers

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Align business plans with operational budgets. Eliminate manual data entry. Effortlessly generate periodic and rolling forecasts with data that automatically refreshes. Simplify the strategic planning and annual budgeting process with a single source of financials. 

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Business Modeling

Assessing policy premiums? Calculating risk-adjusted margin? Model what-if scenarios and conduct variance analysis to optimize pricing and profitability while unifying strategic, corporate and operational processes. Now, create business models based on real-time data across your enterprise so you can identify risks and prepare for them.

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Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

CCH Tagetik automates the cash in/cash out impact of each budget line item so when market dynamics shift or a natural disaster strikes -  cash flow plans and forecasts update instantly. Using double entry logic, decision makers can analyze the net business impact as soon as changes happen.

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Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

Allocate direct and indirect costs to any level of detail, including policy, location or sales associate to more accurately analyze profitability by product, segment, region and more. Using CCH Tagetik’s allocation engine for expenses and activities, planners gain insights into lines that impact profitability and margin.

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HR Planning

Whether you’re looking to see the impacts of HR changes at a single branch or across your entire organization, CCH Tagetik aligns finance, HR and operational data. Get insights into how workforce changes, turnover, overtime, contract and detailed employee-level variables (salary, sick leave, bonus, benefits, new hires, transfers, etc. ) affect the strategic plan, P&L, cash position and operational productivity.

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Seamless Close-to-Disclosure

Seamlessly produce disclosure reports using a single version of the truth. Cut days off the monthly close cycle and accelerate management and external reporting using a single solution that automates all financial processes. Confidently manage and control journals, adjustments, intercompany eliminations and reconciliations.

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Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

Automate the production of regulatory reports including: SEC filings, multi-GAAP (IAS, IFRS, US GAAP), Solvency II and more. CCH Tagetik is always up-to-date. It comes complete with the pre-built functionality you need to comply with financial accounting standards updates and new regulatory mandates.

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Unified Corporate Performance Management

CCH Tagetik is the only solution that is purpose-built for Finance, optimized for non-financial users and available on the Cloud, on-premises and your mobile device. Automate and modernize key financial management processes using a single, enterprise software solution.

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CCH Tagetik Software is trusted by leading companies in the INSURANCE industry


Solvency II, Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Reporting and Analysis


Disclosure Management, Reporting

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IFRS Consolidation, MVBS, BPF, IVASS, Solvency II, Technical Provision


Consolidation, CDM, Solvency II, IVASS Reporting

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Budgeting & Planning, CDM


Solvency II


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On January 1st, 2022, IFRS17 “Insurance Contracts” will impose more changes on the insurance sector than we’ve seen in the last 20 years. Impacts of the regulation will reverberate from your consolidation process to your general ledger, down to the very architecture of your financial systems. From this webinar you will learn how to face IFRS17 challenge.

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