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Annual Financial Reports

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Creating the Annual Report is often a fragmented, manual, cut & paste exercise. It’s tedious, error-prone, and requires manual work by all involved.

With CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office financial report software, your annual reports are produced in an automated, collaborative, Microsoft-centric environment. Our financial statement preparation software streamlines the process, preserving data integrity across report iterations and last-minute changes.

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Disclosure of Results

From balance sheets to cash flows to the P&L, annual reports require full disclosure of the year’s historical, performance and financial metrics. With CCH Tagetik, data is collected and consolidated in a central repository for a single, up-to-date version of key financial measures within your financial report.

Narrative Components

Annual reports have many textual requirements in very specific formats, like executive statements, narrative descriptions and risk disclosures. For consistency between the numbers and narrative, CCH Tagetik automatically updates text and data and gives you the ability to compare versions, so you can see what was changed, when and by whom.

Various formats

Annual report components may be created in Excel, Word, even PowerPoint. No problem- CCH Tagetik’s interface is based on Microsoft Office so not only will you create reports in a familiar environment, you can also link information across formats so a revision in one place is automatically updated in the other.

Annual Reports Benefits


Reduce resource redundancies

Reduce resource redundancies with reports that roll forward without manual intervention, updates or reformatting

Complete data consistency

Complete data consistency by directly linking data from a central data repository to multiple reports and reusing common narratives

Unify fragmented reporting processes

Unify fragmented reporting processes for a faster, consolidation process that addresses multiple internal and external reporting

Increase speed

Increase speed with automated reporting, decrease discrepancies by decreasing human intervention

Intuitive and easy

Intuitive and easy formatting compliance with Microsoft Office tools with a uniquely shareable environment

Gain confidence, reduce costs

Gain confidence, reduce costs through better controls, auditability and visibility

Annual reports key capabilities


Financial & Narrative Reporting

Not only does CCH Tagetik manage your financial data, it also automatically updates information in reports. When financial data or narrative information changes in CCH Tagetik, all related reports are immediately updated as well, giving you a single version of the truth.

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Collaboration & Communication

Whether your output is PDF, PPT, XBRL, XML, HTML or a Microsoft SharePoint template, contributors can comment, make changes, assign sections and share documents. Multiple contributors can work simultaneously on the same Microsoft Office document while tracking changes, adding notes and commentary.

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Transparency & Auditability

Get full traceability and transparency in CCH Tagetik. Easily audit and trace information back to the source  using audit logs. Capture all changes, updates, revisions and every adjustment, including scaled or rounded values, and balance adjustments.


Packaged Reporting

CCH Tagetik offers packaged templates to simplify report creation and production – including automating updates and matching narrative to numbers.

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CCH Tagetik's Annual Reports Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


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Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Finrep, Reporting

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Solvency II, Annual Reporting

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CDM, Solvency II

Plus Group

Financial Consolidation, Reporting

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Royal Haskoning DHV

Consolidation, Budgeting, Forecasting, Annual & Management Reporting

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