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Financial Modeling and Forecasting

You need to see what's coming, before it gets here

Changing economic environment, market & industry events create risk and ongoing volatility, making financial modelling and forecasting complex. CCH Tagetik financial forecasting software provides business modeling, ‘what-if’ scenario playing and forecasting within its unified corporate performance management solution.

Using CCH Tagetik financial modeling software, you can easily assess different business scenarios, instantly see the impact on financial performance, and generate rolling forecasts.

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Find insights faster

Find insights faster with plans and trusted actual data

All in one unified model

All in one unified model with no synchronization required

See the financial impact of changes

See the financial impact of changes to operational scenarios with no synchronization required

Include more users in modeling process

Include more users in modeling process and increase adoption using native Excel interface

Unified multi year strategic plans and models

Create unified multi year strategic plans and profitability models by customer, product and project at any level of detail

Model cash flow and hedging

Model cash flow and hedging using scenarios to optimize cash utilization

Modeling and Forecasting key capabilities include

"What-if" Scenario Playing

Create different scenarios and model the impact of changes to business drivers or operating assumptions. With the click of a button, see impact of changes on the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow and compare results to determine the best business outcome.

Profitability and Cost Allocations

Get detailed visibility into profitability and better understand your true costs with CCH Tagetik. Allocate costs down to the activity, department, product, project, customer, and more; then perform detailed profitability analysis, reporting and revise financial statements in a click of a button.

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Cash Flow Modeling

CCH Tagetik includes fully-featured cash flow modeling and forecasting capabilities. Use budgets, plans - historical and actual – and see the impact of changes to plans or operating assumptions. These results can be incorporated into plans, budgets, the P&L and balance sheet.

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Quickly build periodic and rolling forecasts that combine data from strategic plans, budgets, historical data and actual financial results. CCH Tagetik’s real-time access means no waiting for external systems or data loads which allows you to assess and analyze forecasts immediately.

Activity-Based Costing

Understand true costs and more accurately assess profitability by allocating indirect costs to the proper line item, project, customer, product, service, location, et al. CCH Tagetik provides activity-based costing that empowers finance to model indirect costs and understand drivers that impact profitability.

Advanced Technology

With CCH Tagetik's use of advanced technology, modelling and forecasting is completely finance owned, no custom scripting or IT intervention needed. In-memory data processing allows you to drill into vast amounts of data quickly, so you can transform numbers into actionable models fast. With open architecture, you can connect your existing applications -- whether that's SAP, Microsoft, Qlik or your CRM -- in order to get the full picture in your forecasts.

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CCH Tagetik's Modeling and Forecasting Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow Planning

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Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
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Budgeting, Forecasting

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Budgeting Planning & Forecasting, Consolidation, Closing, Disclosure Management

Budgeting, Profitability Analysis, Consolidation, Reporting

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Budgeting, Cash Flow, Regulatory Accounting, Profitability Analysis, Control of Financial Risks

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Agile finance functions need adaptable planning, budgeting and forecasting (PBF) systems. This webinar will discuss how a unified PBF system in the cloud, developed from the outset with an enhanced user-experience in mind, boosted The Rockefeller Foundation’s productivity and gave one finance function the independence it needed to be the ‘master of its own destiny’ while meeting the demanding and granular requirements of Human Capital and Salary Planning.

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