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Analytics Reporting Software

You trust your numbers, now get more out of them

Spend less time on cpm reporting - creating reports & validating source data - and focus on generating insights or other value-added activities.

CCH Tagetik financial analytics software simplifies analytics reporting with streamlined tools to help you create, share, access, and distribute reports. With our reporting software, you can do it on the web, on a mobile device or through familiar Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or SharePoint.

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One set of tools for all requirements

One set of tools and one set of financial data for all requirements for analytics, reporting, dashboards and mobile BI

Easily build, publish, maintain reports

Empower your users to easily build, create, publish and maintain analytic models, reports, dashboards and ad-hoc analysis

Immediate insights and report generation

Immediate insights and report generation without depending on IT support

Simplify and speed up the process

Simplify and speed up the process of producing monthly reports and analysis

No new product to learn

No new product to learn - leverage existing skillsets including native Excel

Self service modeling

Self service modeling ensures all users get the value out of their data

ANALYTICS REPORTING Key Capabilities include

Diverse Users, Diverse Options

From financial reports and statements, to interactive dashboards, to ad-hoc analytics or simply extending Microsoft Excel analysis, CCH Tagetik meets the diverse needs of different users across the organization. From power users in Finance, to non-technical users, CCH Tagetik offers reporting options for everyone.

Ease of use

Creating, collaborating, sharing and distributing reports is simple for all users- even non-financial or non-technical users. With CCH Tagetik’s intuitive drag and drop, drill down and visualization features, insights are at your fingertips and readily accessible for all users across the organization.

Single Version of the Truth

All data in CCH Tagetik comes from the same trust, vetted CPM repository. When figures change, financial statements, reports and analytics update automatically so you’ll never have to worry about outdated numbers making their way into presentations again. Contributors access figures with the same logic, rules, calculations and financial intelligence to create reports. 

Advanced Visualization

With innovative features including dynamic charts, heat-mapping and geo-mapping, you can easily combine and drill down into data to build reports that meet today’s high demand for visual, accurate and actionable information – the way you need it, when you need it.

Built for Finance

CCH Tagetik reporting and analytics empowers the Office of Finance to build, create, publish and maintain analytic models, reports, dashboards and ad-hoc analysis on their own, within the familiar Excel interface or CCH Tagetik’s – without requiring IT or a lengthy learning curve.

Collaborative Disclosure Reporting

CCH Tagetik supports collaborative disclosure reporting, such as annual reports and board books, which combines financial and narrative components. Using CCH Tagetik’s packaged templates, accessed through Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), it’s easy to create professional-looking reports and even distribute via SharePoint.

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Regulatory and Management Reporting

CCH Tagetik automates financial, management and regulatory reporting. From XBRL filings, to proxy statements and regional or industry-specific regulatory mandates - like Solvency II, Basel III, FinRep/CoRep - CCH Tagetik manages the complexity of reporting so you can focus on the analysis.

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Native Microsoft Integration

CCH Tagetik natively integrates Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, SharePoint, PowerPivot, PowerView and PowerBI. This enables the Office of Finance to extract more value from its existing Microsoft Business Intelligence footprint, without a lengthy learning curve or requiring IT involvement.

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Advanced Technology

CCH Tagetik makes transforming raw data into actionable results easy. With in-memory data processing, you can consolidate and drill into data without any lag, transforming data into actionable analytics fast. So you can maximize the TCO of your existing applications, CCH Tagetik's open architecture enables you to integrate systems, databases and programs -- such as SAP, Microsoft and Qlik -- seamlessly. No custom scripting or IT intervention needed.

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CCH Tagetik's Analytics reporting Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Reporting (on cloud)

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Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning

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Budgeting, Analytics reporting

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Budgeting & Planning, Consolidation, Analytics

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Planning, Forecasting, Consolidation & Reporting

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Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Reporting

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With the seamless integration of CCH Tagetik and Qlik Sense, the Office of the CFO has the visualization tools to more effectively analyze the business. This way the CFO provides strategic insights to the CEO and other business leaders. He or she will use dashboards that graphically highlight key metrics and trends. Plus, these dashboards are available anytime, anywhere and from any device. In this 30 minute webinar, divided in chapters, we demonstrate the combination of Qlik Sense and CCH Tagetik.

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