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CCH Tagetik Services


We want your business to succeed. That’s why every member of our CCH Tagetik services team is fully dedicated to giving you the best customer experience in the industry.

With CCH Tagetik you can expect:

  • A fast implementation 
  • Industry-specific consulting 
  • Effective product training
  • Fast response times from technical support

Our services team ensures that your company has complete autonomy to independently manage your solution.


Our CCH Tagetik family is made up of great partners and consultants who work together to give you a successful and cost-effective implementation. Our years of relevant experience and financial knowledge help you analyze, configure, and implement CCH Tagetik to address the breadth of your business needs.

We offer: 

  • Project Consulting – business analysis, configuration, and implementation of CCH Tagetik software
  • Technical Consulting –CCH Tagetik installation, infrastructure fine tuning, and technical support
  • Check-up Consulting – optimization of CCH Tagetik upgrades, migration plan, and gap analysis to take advantage of new or expanded functionality



The CCH Tagetik Education Program is a blended learning approach, where users learn to effectively manage the product in a very short timeframe.

Our program is available to all customers, partners, and distributors, so that you and your team can manage CCH Tagetik’s capabilities with confidence.

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At CCH Tagetik, our support team is vital to customer success. For this reason our support team is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll work tirelessly to help you get there. Discover what we offer:

  • Standard Support
  • Advanced Support
  • SLA/Escalation

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