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The whole tool is built around the business process not around technology.

People who are in the Finance, they themselves can managethe entire Corporate Performance Process whether its consolidation or planning, so it's kind of put the onus back onto them, it's kind of works really well for the Finance people, because they don't want to wait for 6 months to get one report, they want themselves to be empowered to deliver it.So that's the biggest value we're bringing to our customers: empowering them basically.

That's what made us partner with CCH Tagetik: to deliver the value back to the customer quickly.The CCH Tagetik solution is very powerful, a lot of companies already using CCH Tagetikwill find it a natural progression to move on to the IFRS 16 offering and solution.

CCH Tagetik actually gives us an opportunity to talk about something that is knew,something that is holistic, something that actually covers the whole Finance function and also we come across as a consulting firm that is able to understandthe holistic pains of the client and come out with one simple, easy to manage solution that can hopefully take all the pains away.It's a complete change in mindset from traditional Olap modeling and reporting, so that's probably the biggest advantage of having one single platform to perform all their reporting Performance of Management related requirements and one rule is the biggest advantage of CCH Tagetik for our customers.

They are always looking for ways to improve the product,so now it's better than it was, but when you're on the road they'll get it even better, so they're taking care of the pain for you, you just have to focus on your business.Working with the team from CCH Tagetik has been a great experience from day one.The most powerful thing of CCH Tagetik is the financial consolidation engine itself, how well we can do you complex scenarios of financial consolidation in multiple groups and subgroups, currencies to do statutory, management reporting and solvency requirements as well.It's a finance software by finance people.

I think that makes a lot of difference and it has to be across the organization, in other words it's not just a couple of guys somewhere but it's the sales, the support,the developers, the designers, across-the-board, they understand Finance.

They are a small company, it still has a family feel to it, it's not so bureaucratic unlike the larger company that you work with, so it's a big advantage.

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