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2 min Demo: Account Reconciliation

Watch this quick video to learn how CCH Tagetik can help you with your reconciliation needs. From typical centralized bank reconciliation efforts to distributed reconciliation needs across multiple data sources and business owners, users can easily ensure any set of records are properly matched and reconciled.


Account reconciliation in CCH Tagetik refers to the process of ensuring that 2 sets of records are in agreement with each other, usually at the account level.

Let's take a look at a very simple example of reconciliation, usually known as Bank Account Reconciliation.

Directly from the main CCH Tagetik homepage users will be able to click on the account reconciliation tile where they will be brought into a very simple account reconciliation dashboard.

The first section to the left provides some useful information regarding the account that needs reconciliationand also the sources that have to be reconciled, in this case we're assuming that the Bank of America statement as of december 31st, needs to be reconciled with the general ledger accounting statement, which right now are off by $95.000.

The middle section provides some useful indicators as to where we stand in the overall reconciliation process, together with some instructions to the right of the screen that provide guidelines to the users when it comes to the account reconciliation process.By simply clicking any of this visual indicators the users will be brought into the actual account reconciliation process.

The first step is about taking a look at the sub-ledgerbalance, in this case we have a balance from Bank of America of $450.000 that we have adjusted to include some additions, such as deposits in transits, or subtractions, such as outstanding checks, that did not make the cut in the final Bank of America statement.

As a second step users will also be allowed to adjust the general ledgeraccounting balance to include additions or subtractions by simply clicking on the plus side, which will allows the users to include any kind of transaction such as maybe some penalties that we have been assessed by Bank of America, for late payments in the amount of $6.845.In this case my GL statement will be adjusted and I can, at any point in time, declare my reconciliation as complete,as soon as I feel confident with my numbers.

The last step is to actually compare the adjusted sub-ledger Bank of America statement with the adjusted accountingGL balance and in case post any kind of journal to reconcile the 2 statements using the CCH Tagetik journal entry capabilities.

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