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Video Interview with Nick Nesbitt, Managing Director Tagetik UK & Ireland

Listen to Nick Nesbitt speak about how Tagetik helps customers meet the challenges of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

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This is all about providing our customers with continuous innovation and technology that eradicates business challenges Few vendors can claim to have leadership In capability and customer satisfaction Tagetik can But we understand that the value to our customers is not just in our software It is made up of A specific focus on finance our deep knowledge of financial processes The Tagetik People our Partners and our Platform and it is these factors that combine to drive Values in business as the requirements of finance evolve and expand.

The key to this is really working with our customers on a daily basis To understand the challenges they face and then provide solutions to enable them to manage and eradicate those challenges So we understand, the more we get finance, The more we can help customers Get the results they want CFO's are being involved in much more strategic decision making than ever before they're involved in strategic planning They are being asked to give valuable insight much more regularly to provide insight across the whole of the business Not just the finance office, so what Tagetik believes they need and what we hearing from them Is a need for solutions that link financial and operational processes together They need modern solutions that leverage technology to drive the eradication of the challenges that they see and to provide the insights that are being asked of them.

To this end Tagetik view CEO's as asking CFO's to solve business issues and not just report on the Finance function and in this we see Technology as an enabler of that solution But it is not a solution in its own right.

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