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Navigating the CCH Tagetik Partner Landscape: North America

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It provides a very viable alternative to the traditional players of Oracle and SAP and with Cloud and other innovations that they made in the last year or two are really in line with our clients that are moving in the digital world.

The other thing that CCH Tagetik has done that others have not done as well or not embraced as well is understanding the regulatory implications 3a and those sides and they've taken it from the standpoint of not just compliance, like IFRS compliance, but how is that really transforming, how that company should look at buying and how should they plan the business and how should they manage performance and that's one thing that's great about CCH Tagetik as well.

It is being very close to the customers and understand the customers and collaborating and working with them.

Our customers are able to enhance and automate the reporting and budgeting cycles while ensuring data integrity.

CCH Tagetik allows endless uses of the software after the initial rollout of one module they can implement other modules and even having an integration with Excel is a plus.

Our customers are looking for a company that is easy to work with and also a way to pick and choose the modules that they need for their particular company.

What sets CCH Tagetik apart from other CPM vendors is the dedication to the CFO, investing in one single platform the ability to execute complex situations and software that's pretty accessible to finance users.

They understand their strengths and their strength is they get finance, they understand finance, they have those strengths that they built upon.

Then, as we talked about earlier, they've taken the regulatory area and really they have gotten involved in that early and jumped onboard on that to address the regulatory area and drive compliance and competitive advantage 13b and now they understand also what the future finance looks like.

The most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is the completeness of Corporate Performance Management.

The experience has been excellent since day one.

We've been a partner since 2012.

The CCH Tagetik team from executives, from consultants have been very supportive.

They treat us like we're part of their team and together it's a collaborative effort to bring the best of the best together as one team forward to our client.

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