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KPMG France partners with CCH Tagetik to address their customers compliance and reporting needs.

Listen to how CCH Tagetik meets expanding compliance requirements (IFRS 17) for KPMG's Finance Customers allowing them to focus on their core business.

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We consider definitely that CCH Tagetik is a real alternative solution on the French market for EPM and BI needs, we considered that it is a very modern platform, able to meet the CFO needs, but not only that, because, as an example, in the Insurance and Banking sector you can address what we call the CRO needs as well, and it's very quite unique to have this kind of single platform in the market.

We are definitely convinced that CCH Tagetik solution can provide a very global architecture to address, not only the consolidation and reporting requirements, but more globally the overall needs of the CFO.

We have audit and advisory clients in France that use CCH Tagetik for statutory consolidation, management reporting and disclosure management at the moment.

We now have a very important client in the financial services sector, specifically, in the Insurance sector, which needs to assess if CCH Tagetik is able to meet IFRS 17 requirement expectations and due to the road map of CCH Tagetik we are very confident in walking jointly with CCH Tagetik to address this reporting standard.

We can summarize that CCH Tagetik has a very modern platform combining different functionalities to cover the overall needs of the CFO.

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