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Klee Group & CCH Tagetik are revolutionizing the office of the CFO

Learn how Klee Group & CCH Tagetik are revolutionizing the office of the CFO


We decided to partner with CCH Tagetik because we were looking for a tool that was able to bring a new approach to age old problems and we wanted to provide our customers with the latest technology in the financial area, including all that is data visualization and collaboration.

CCH Tagetik solution seemed to be really innovative and to be doing something different in the market.

What immediately attracted our attention is that it is a single integrated solution, which is something relatively innovative, because we used to work with tools based on silos which were only for functional business needs.

CCH Tagetik gives us the opportunity to deliver one unified platform that solves most of our clients problems.

That's really the key factor that led us to partner with CCH Tagetik.

Besides that, the Microsoft integration is another strong reason to adopt the software from a client perspective, and particularly the Excel front end which allows the finance function to work easily with well known tools and simplify our project proposition.

I think that CCH Tagetik really brings value to the finance departments with its unified approach which eliminates collecting data from multiple sources in different applications and spending time on reconciliating figures.

Now finance users can access a single platform saving time and gaining reliability on the information they're going to deliver.

Furthermore the hybrid cloud proposition really gives the customers the option to adopt the cloud or on-premise solution, I would say it gives them the possibility to move at their own pace and switch to the cloud according to their maturity.

Our greatest experience with CCH Tagetik was a project in a large enterprise.

This international group operating in several countries had different issues divided by country and needed to automate the reconciliation phase by collecting data from a single source.

CCH Tagetik allowed them to enter their data in a single data model, shared between the holding based outside France and the group, streamlining and standardizing the reporting process and also allowing French subsidiaries to comply with their regulatory requirements, all in one integrated product which really helps our clients optimize their business.

The most interesting thing is to have the possibility to collect the data and to deliver results within a single tool, seamlessly … I would say it's something we've been doing for years but with CCH Tagetik we can benefit from a strong collaborative platform.

Customers are able to share information very quickly throughout the organization and leveraging the data visualization functionality, provide the users with valuable data through reports and dashboard that can be run on the fly, speeding up the decision-making process.

It's a good tool, in the market it certainly offers a new integrated approach to the CPM processes that really help improving customer's productivity and efficiency keeping all the finance teams and users working in the same collaborative solution and in my opinion that's a real problem in large companies where the communication is hindered by the differences in culture and language, so having the finance community working in the same collaborative environment and being always aligned and updated is a great benefit that CCH Tagetik has to offer.

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