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The future of Planning Budgeting & Forecasting - Survey 2017

No matter where finance professionals are situated they all face similar challenges during their Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting process. Watch the webinar to have an insights and discover the findings of "Future of Planning Budgeting & Forecasting" Survey 2017 based on FSN 2017 researches.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to the 2017 Survey PBF by FSN

Gary Simon, Chief Executive FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn explains who performed the PBF Survey divided by demographics and some fast results.

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Chapter 2 What factors drive forecast accuracy and insight?

In this chapter Gary Simon illustrates the role that Non Financial Data, continuous planning and bigger more granular models plays in the forecast accuracy.

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Chapter 3 What makes organizations insightful

In this chapter Gary Simon illustrates the impact that insightful organizations have on the performance of their PBF process, by considering the speed of reforecasting, the accuracy of forecasting and the time horizon.

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Chapter 4 What is the role of technology in improving Forecast performance?

In this chapter Gary Simon explain the different approaches to technology and how these differences effect the performance of PBF process, with a particular attention to experimental technologies such as AI and machine learning.

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