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IFRS 9 are you ready?

In this webinar, Director of Financial Services Solutions, Roberto Fasano will discuss the new requirements, the impacts your systems will face, and how your company can leverage CCH Tagetik to get ready for the changes.

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Chapter 1 Intro to Webinar IFRS 9

Listen to the brief Intro to webinar 'IFRS 9 are you ready?'

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Chapter 2 the new IFRS 9: introducing the new standard

Learn about the new IFRS 9 standards and its impacts.

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Chapter 3 The CCH Tagetik Solution & Architectural View

Learn what part of IFRS 9 CCH Tagetik adresses.

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Chapter 4 IFRS 9 Demo

Watch the IFRS 9 Demo!

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Chapter 5 IFRS 9 webinar Q&A

Listen to the questions asked throughout the IFRS 9 webinar

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