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Divide and Conquer: a collaborative approach to non-disruptive enterprise-wide reporting

When disclosure management processes fail, the consequences aren’t just contained in a single report or a single department within the company. They reverberate into the entire system, compromising confidence in technology, Finance, executives and eventually, the entire company.

This webinar discusses the common mistakes made during the reporting process and how to achieve a non-disruptive enterprise-wide reporting solution through a Collaborative approach.

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Chapter 1 Intro to webinar Divide and Conquer

Brief introduction to the webinar Divide and Conquer: a collaborative approach to non-disruptive enterprise-wide reporting By Alessio Lolli VP Presales North America.

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Chapter 2 Demo of various types of collaborative reporting in CCH Tagetik

In this 5 minute clip you will see an overview on how to tackle narrative reporting documents.

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Chapter 3 Demo leveraging Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with CCH Tagetik

This 5 min clip discusses the unique collaboration capability within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint connects the narrative to numbers across your Annual Reports, Budget Books & Board Books and more reports.

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Chapter 4 Demo CCH Tagetik improves the look & feel of your reports

This 2 minute clip shows how CCH Tagetik collaborative office improves the look & feel of your reports.

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Chapter 5 Demo Built-in audits and controls

Learn about the built-in audits and controls ensure accuracy and consistency automatically

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Chapter 6 Demo Produce reports from a single source

Produce financial and management reports, board books and earnings presentations from a single source.

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Chapter 7 Q&A CCH Tagetik’s collaborative office

Listen to the Questions & Answers on CCH Tagetik’s collaborative office webinar Divide & Conquer

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