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Essentials for Delivering a Successful IFRS 16 Solution

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Join us for a quick overview on the essentials of delivering a successful IFRS 16 solution. In this 30-minute webinar our solution experts will discuss the key components of the new leasing standards and how best to approach the project, sharing examples and best practice tips along the way.

With less than six months until the new leasing standards take effect, take advantage of CCH Tagetik’s experience in delivering over 100 successful IFRS 16 solution projects.

Our experienced delivery team will guide you through an overview of the compliance process from start to finish; from data collection to the wider benefits of using a purpose-built solution, sharing with you details of how other businesses are using CCH Tagetik to successfully comply, followed by a short demonstration of the solution.

Join this webinar to:

  • Discover CCH Tagetik’s experience in IFRS solution delivery
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key components you should note in the new standards
  • Find out how other companies are already meeting compliance needs
  • Catch a preview of the IFRS 16 solution your business could be using

Who should attend this webinar:

Anyone involved with the delivery and implementation of their businesses IFRS 16 solution.

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CCH Tagetik Marketing UK +44 203 893 8128