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SG&A Management by Akeron

Define and control spending initiatives with a starter kit for handling sales, general & administrative expenses

3 reasons why SG&A Management from Akeron Consulting lets you focus on business

Amount Analysis - SG&A monthly report overview

Amount Analysis - SG&A Monthly Report overview

Akeron Consulting’s SG&A Management delivers key benefits which ensure spending can be defined and controlled:

  • Pre-built reports mean a fast set up
  • Flexibility and modularity for scalability
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Smart linking with CCH Tagetik processes
  • User-friendly monitoring of spending initiatives

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Detailed WBS planning with Cost Center and Account dimensions

Detailed WBS Planning with Cost Center and Account Dimensions

Akeron Consulting’s SG&A Management achieves definition and control of spending thanks to key capabilities:

  • Tracking of tasks, processes and approvals
  • SG&A, budget and variance with preconfigured forms
  • Collaboration through preconfigured features
  • What-if analysis
  • Hierarchy management within spending initiatives

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Other information

Release Date: June 2019

Product Version: 5.3.6

Languages: Italian, English

Targeted Job Function: Finance, Accounting, IT, Marketing, Sales, Other (Production and Logistics)

Industry: All Industries