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Smart NOW Capital Expenses Planning App by CCH Tagetik

Make Smart Capital Purchases — Fast.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Capital Expense Planning let's you focus on your business

Key Capabilities

Each pre-packaged function in this app is based on over ten years of customer insight. Powered by our high-performance data engine and housed in the cloud, you can create plans, models, and projections anytime and from anywhere.

  • Plan, add and classify assets in unlimited categories
  • Use pre-packaged or custom depreciation calculations
  • Multi-year planning, currency conversion, reporting templates
  • What-if scenario planning, modeling, and simulations
  • Integration with projected P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow

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Key Benefits

Built to get you up-and-running fast, this app was designed with a user-friendly front-end that Finance can easily navigate. Extend it, custom it, scale it up: Finance can do it all easily and without IT involvement.

  • Determine depreciation pattern, accounts impacted, and useful life
  • Model capital projects with detailed drivers
  • Display capital spending KPIs on dashboards
  • See the impacts of potential decisions in real-time
  • Speed up approvals using collaborative workflows

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