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Historical financial management vs. CCH Tagetik: a feature-by-feature comparison for power users

You’re missing out on a lot by sticking with your historical financial management solution instead of bridging the gap with a modernized consolidation solution. Let’s get you up to speed.

As a day-to-day user of financial management systems, you’re likely sensitive to the shortcomings of the applications you use. Do any of these pains apply to you?

Common complaints include:

  • Complex scripting for even basic tasks
  • Lengthy variance and what-if analysis processes
  • Lack of workflow across the close cycle
  • Outdated UI  and cumbersome integration with Microsoft Office
  • Complex upgrades with no functional innovations planned

Download this REPORT

Download the report to see how CCH Tagetik combats and exceeds these deficiencies in a showdown of our financial management capabilities next to legacy systems.