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2 min Demo: Magazine Library

Magazine Library puts a new twist on Reporting in CCH Tagetik – review and subscribe to periodic issues of reports that will automatically be distributed straight to your homepage for review.


Magazine concept is a new type of reporting in CCH Tagetik that allows end-users, including C-level executives, to easily access periodic issues of reports by browsing through a gallery and subscribing with just a simple click.

Let's take a look.

Just like browsing for a movie on Netflix through a highly visual magazine library, end users are empowered to browse dozens of reports, read their descriptions, check the latest issue date and even review ratings.

Now, if I like what I see, all I have to do is click on the tile to subscribe and receive periodic issues of magazines directly to my desk, and on my desk of course I mean my CCH Tagetik home page.

We're along with the latest market trends and an interactive dashboard all of my magazines are nicely organized on my homepage.

And not only do have my latest issues at my fingertips, I also have all of my prior issues that I can always refer to and compare against, some issues maybe weekly, monthly, quarterly or even daily, just a good old magazines yet completely digital.

By clicking on my tile the latest issue will open up and just like any report in CCH Tagetik, magazines can also be very interactive, we're able to incorporate visuals like charts and graphs, where I can go ahead selecting or deselecting certain measures as well as give to end users the ability to narrow in on a particular cost center like Supply & Purchase, for example, and see the chart's update on the fly.

Not to mention the fact that I can continue my investigation using all of the standard CCH Tagetik analysis capabilities.

With CCH Tagetik magazine we're taking an everyday life experience, like shopping for a movie on your favorite portal, and translating it into an enjoyable reporting experience for our executive users.

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