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A Transition Guide to IFRS17 with EY

On January 1st, 2022, IFRS17 “Insurance Contracts” will impose more changes on the insurance sector than we’ve seen in the last 20 years. Impacts of the regulation will reverberate from your consolidation process to your general ledger, down to the very architecture of your financial systems. From this webinar you will learn how to face IFRS17 challenge.

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Chapter 1: Overview of IFRS 17 key aspects and challenges

Karel Svoboda, Associate Partner of Ernst&Young, responsible for Insurance Services in Europe, bring you through the IFRS 17 standard main aspects, capturing ins and outs of IFRS 17’s new measurement models -The Building Block, the Premium Allocation and the Variable Fee Approach- explaining how the standard impacts strategic financial management processes and finance operating models.

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Chapter 2: CCH Tagetik Solution Demo for IFRS 17

A sneak peek into our cutting-edge solution: CCH Tagetik for Insurance Contracts. Discover how CCH Tagetik is meeting IFRS 17 needs with a solution which includes the calculations needed to report on insurance contracts for both life and non-life business segments.

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