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CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik uses its solution for Cost of sales analysis, Project monitoring, Customer support analysis, Executive sales analysis, Expense management, Employee performance evaluation

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The Challenge

CCH Tagetik’s unified performance management solution has valuable uses that can serve the entire enterprise and go beyond traditional financial management and reporting. In this case study, we highlight the many different ways CCH Tagetik is used internally by various departments and CCH Tagetik subsidiaries across the globe, as well as corporate functions such as marketing and IT. Uses range from project monitoring and customer support analysis to marketing expense management and executive dashboarding.

The applications described here have been implemented gradually, as CCH Tagetik’s business has grown and expanded globally. Today, these applications are used by business users in more than 20 CCH Tagetik direct operations, subsidiaries, and partner organizations to manage an ever-increasingly complex business.

CCH Tagetik Solution

CCH Tagetik’s software solution is now used internally across enterprise for a wide range of uses outside of traditional financial management processes. All divisions use CCH Tagetik to forecast, plan, and manage marketing expenses. Additionally, the application is used at a corporate level to manage IT investments and operational expenses, for planning and daily executionEmployees throughout the enterprise have day-to-day experience in using CCH Tagetik software.

CCH Tagetik’s ability to easily integrate with source systems, its flexibility for reporting information, and its ease of use and collaboration functionality have contributed to the adoption of the system for multiple purposes. Managers appreciate the solution’s workflow management features and the traceability of information entered, as well as its easy maintainability by business users.


Cost of Sales

North American Pre-Sales Department uses CCH Tagetik to analyze the effectiveness of the pre-sales team and the profitability of each engagement

Project Monitoring

The North American Consulting Department uses its CCH Tagetik application for the month-end reporting and invoicing of all consulting activities

Customer Support Analysis

This application is used by the CCH Tagetik support centers to monitor the quality, efficiency and responsiveness of the CCH Tagetik support teams

Executive Sales Analysis

CCH Tagetik’s executive team uses the CCH Tagetik solution to track and display the status of worldwide sales by country, by industry vertical, and by product offering

Expense Management

This application allows to track all expenses, to manage purchase orders, to i nitiate payments to suppliers and  renew campaigns, p rovide monthly reports

Employee Performance Evaluation

Used by upper management to track the performance of the consulting groups to understand how they are using their time across multiple activities

Customer Quote

As our company has grown in size, scope, and complexity, we have expanded the use of CCH Tagetik software beyond budgeting, planning, and financial management. Company managers now depend on CCH Tagetik to help them better manage their teams and departments and to gain the kind of insights to make solid day-to-day decisions at all levels.

Manuel Vellutini, Co-CEO, CCH Tagetik