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Leonardo ex Finmeccanica

Leonardo ex Finmeccanica implemented CCH Tagetik’s software solution for Disclosure Management, Management Reporting, KPI Reporting

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The Challenge

Leonardo SpA is Italy‘s leading high-tech group and one of the global top ten in the aerospace, defense and security sector. The group employs 67,000 people in 406 offices including 172 production sites in 50 countries worldwide.

Leonardo drives its entire business through innovation – to deliver competitive products and services, meet current and future market demands, and generate value for both clients and shareholders. In 2013, the group’s central finance department decided to implement an innovation of its own – a system for preparing, sharing and publishing management data throughout the group.

Its prime goals were to simplify and speed up the process of producing reports each month – from general management reporting to specialized reports for the CFO. The project, which started in March 2013, was completed in a matter of months.

CCH Tagetik Solution

Leonardo has deployed CCH Tagetik as a stand-alone Disclosure Management software solution which automatically extracts and loads financial data from HFM. The automated data checks and common coding across the document save users valuable time in the reporting process. In addition to assigning access rights based on each person’s responsibilities, the department can now follow the progress of each activity and see who has done what through the built-in workflow. With CCH Tagetik, users can also generate reports in Microsoft PowerPoint and easily convert them to PDF files as well as support multiple versions of the same document. Features such as these promote a truly collaborative approach to the disclosure management process.

“Thanks to CCH Tagetik's Disclosure Management, we can now deliver consistent, reliable information in our CFO report,” summarizes D’Addario. “The standardized format and quality makes it easier to read. Since we can produce new reports based on previous filed editions, we can concentrate on the commentary. Through the structured workflow, we even can carefully monitor the activities of each controller. Overall, CCH Tagetik has accelerated our monthly closing and management reporting cycles, and we can invest the time we have saved to check, analyze and comment the numbers in more detail.”


The finance department already plans to extend the solution to produce the quarterly presentation to the executive team and board of directors. It is also evaluating options to extend the solution to include budgeting and other capabilities that are involved in the planning process.


View progress status through a built-in workflow

Assigning access rights based on each person’s responsibilities, follow the progress of each activity & see who has done what

Ensure data consistency and integrity

CCH Tagetik's Disclosure Management  delivers consistent, reliable information in the CFO report

Speed up monthly closing cycles

Accelerated management reporting & closing cycles allow the finance team to analyze the numbers in more detail

Standardized report format

The standardized format and quality makes it easier to read, the finance team can concentrate on the commentary

Risks mitigation

Top managers can identify risks and opportunities as well as take timely actions

Automated data extraction & loading

CCH Tagetik automatically extracts and loads financial data from HFM

Customer Quote

We wanted a solution that could accelerate and simplify our management reporting processes. With CCH Tagetik's Disclosure Management, our finance department can work more effectively to ensure consistent, reliable data and faster monthly reporting cycles.

Valentina D’Addario, Director of Group Reporting and Financial Controlling