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Henkel implemented CCH Tagetik’s software solution for Midterm Planning, Annual Planning, Monthly Budgeting and Forecasting

What impressed us most is that the software can unify the planning and budgeting process throughout our company while accounting for the individual needs of specific divisions and departments. In addition, we can use CCH Tagetik to flexibly execute our driver-based concept and run what-if simulations on various levels.

Christoph Wenner - Corporate Director

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The challenge

In large corporations that combine tradition and innovation in dynamic business environments, the accuracy of enterprise planning often has priority over speed. Slow approval processes, highly granular data, and a lack of insight with regards to interdependencies, however, stand in the way of efficient planning processes.

Back in 2010, the financial controlling department at Henkel began to question if the benefits of its current system reflected the amount of time and work involved. To address its growing requirements, the company launched an ambitious project to restructure its enterprise planning process and create a leaner, driver-based approach with a stronger emphasis from the top down.



Streamlined enterprise planning

Streamlined company’s midterm planning, annual planning, monthly budgeting, and forecasting processes

Stronger focus on top-down planning

It provides a more binding way to break down group objectives within the individual business units

Adequate visualization of value drivers

Move from an account-driven style of planning to a strategic discussions haped by cause and effect relationships

High flexibility

Each business area can apply its own method of planning as long as it can transfer the final budget into the corporate framework

Highly distributed planning

The solution integrates more than 1,000 planners across the different business sectors, they can plan their data without IT support.

Workflow support

The workflow monitor with a built-in notification function maintains an overview of the overall process status

The solution

The project was spearheaded by the group’s financial controlling department and included consultants from CCH Tagetik and pmOne, budget contributors from various business sectors, and Henkel’s IT department. It started with an intensive concept design phase, which the Henkel project team used to thoroughly identify and document the group’s requirements. After a successful pilot project in the second half of 2011, Henkel chose CCH Tagetik as the base solution for its global planning system in the beginning of 2012. Since the implementation was completed on schedule, the company used CCH Tagetik to kick off its 2013 planning cycle. “Since we only chose CCH Tagetik in early 2012 and the system had to go live by midyear, our project was under massive time constraints,” recalled Christoph Wenner, Corporate Director at Henkel. “Thanks to the determination and dedication of the pmOne and CCH Tagetik consultants, however, we were able to wrap up the project both on time and on budget.”

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