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Dyckerhoff implemented CCH Tagetik's software solution for Planning, Consolidation, Reporting

During the very first presentation, we could already see that CCH Tagetik is a very strong tool for reporting. At this point, we already knew that our controllers would be thrilled by its potential, reporting flexibility and, of course, Excel-like environment.

Sascha Lenkiewicz, Head of Group Accounting, Dyckerhoff AG

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The Challenge

Dyckerhoff AG implemented the solution in two separate projects. In the first phase, the team focused on converting its current consolidation and reporting tools in the new technology environment. Stage two, the planning module, will follow in the upcoming months.



A single platform for all processes

From data collection to consolidation and reporting, CCH Tagetik gives a single platform for planning, consolidation and reporting

Customer-oriented approach

Whenever problems emerged during the project, CCH Tagetik was very open and always strived to provide a solution

Built-in analytics

Since ad hoc reports and analysis are part of the controllers’ daily work, they especially value the flexibility of the new solution

Adapting reports

Existing ad-hoc reports can also be used directly – and published – for the Web’s standard reporting

More Intercompany Relationships

Users can now reconcile intercompany relationships during the input process, trying to match them centrally at a later stage

Improved the data entry process

Dyckerhoff now simply collects the information in online forms before converting and importing files in different systems

The Solution

  • Single platform for consolidation, reporting and planning 
  • Support for complex consolidation scenarios
  • Simplified, user-friendly reporting
  • Financial reporting from a central database

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