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Satriun group

Satriun group is a CCH Tagetik Consulting Partner in the Netherlands, the dach region and france



Satriun Group mission: to challenge and empower the corporate center with enhanced financial reporting. It is the fundament on which we built our proposition. Delivering the corporate center with an agile and solid reporting process requires a deep understanding of a broad variety of topics, including planning & control, financial consolidation and business process optimization. We believe that Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software is a powerful enabler, but never a goal in itself – it is the way CPM software is utilized that unlocks its real potential.

With head offices in The Netherlands and Switzerland, Satriun Group was founded in 2011 with the aim of bridging the gap between finance and technology. The company’s management team consists of experienced former Big4-professionals each with on average 15 years of relevant background in financial management, consolidation, financial auditing, interim management or consultancy. Satriun Group consultants generally have significant professional experience and distinguish themselves through a shared passion for Corporate Performance Management and a drive to deliver the best solutions possible using a hands-on, pragmatic and customer-focused approach.

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